hirensbootcd.org is developed by enthusiasts of Hiren’s BootCD. The official homepage of Hiren’s BootCD is https://www.hiren.info/.

Hiren’s BootCD, a valuable tool that has assisted numerous individuals in resolving computer-related issues over the years, prompted the creation of the hirensbootcd.org website in 2010. The official version of Hiren’s BootCD was challenging to find and download, leading us to establish this platform to facilitate safe and swift access to the project. Since then, we have consistently hosted the unaltered, official versions of Hiren’s BootCD. Our gratitude goes to Hiren for creating this exceptional BootCD and we extend thanks to all those who mirror the project, aiding the community in solving their computer-related problems.

Regrettably, Hiren’s BootCD has not seen updates for an extended period. The last official version, 15.2, was released in November 2012, rendering it outdated for current needs. Despite the emergence of various reloaded and edited versions in recent years, we abstained from hosting them, opting to await a new official release.

Due to the prolonged delay in the release of a new version, the fans of Hiren’s BootCD, as represented by hirensbootcd.org, have taken the initiative to develop a new Windows x64 PE BootCD. This edition incorporates the best tools from Hiren’s BootCD, updated to meet current requirements. Hiren’s BootCD PE, developed exclusively in 64-bit version and UEFI-supported, is designed for modern computers, ensuring it remains free from malicious and pirated software, containing only free, safe and legal applications.

Recognizing the abundance of useful daily software, Hiren’s BootCD PE is specifically crafted as an emergency disk. Thus, our selection is deliberate, including only the essential and best free tools for emergency situations.

Notably, hirensbootcd.org does not accept monetary donations but welcomes mirror servers for hosting ISO files. Those interested in becoming a mirror can refer to the "Become a Mirror" page.

In addition to Hiren’s BootCD PE, we commit to continuing the hosting of all old versions and new versions of Hiren’s BootCD.