hirensbootcd.org is being developed by the fans of Hiren’s BootCD. https://www.hiren.info/ is the official homepage of Hiren’s BootCD.

Hiren’s BootCD is a great tool that has helped many people to fix their computer-related problems for years. Since finding and downloading the official version of Hiren’s BootCD was huge trouble, hirensbootcd.org website was developed in 2010 to help people finding and downloading this great project in a safe and fast way. We always hosted the original, unedited official versions of Hiren’s BootCD. We thank Hiren for developing this great BootCD and we thank everyone who mirrors this project helping the community to solve their computer-related problems.

Unfortunately, Hiren’s BootCD is not being updated for a long time. The last official version 15.2 was released in November 2012. It became outdated to overcome today’s needs. We noticed many reloaded, edited versions of the Hiren’s BootCD were developed in the last years. But we didn’t host any of them since we always hosted the original versions of Hiren’s BootCD and waited for a new official release.

Since the new version delayed too much, as the fans of Hiren’s BootCD we have decided to develop a new Windows 10 x64 PE BootCD including the best tools of Hiren’s BootCD updated with today’s needs.

Hiren’s BootCD PE is being developed by the fans of Hiren’s BootCD (hirensbootcd.org). Hiren’s BootCD PE is 64 bit and UEFI supported. We decide to continue developing it only in 64 bit version. Hiren’s BootCD PE is being developed for the new age computers. Hiren’s BootCD PE does not contain any malicious software and it does not contain any pirated software. It includes only free, safe and legal software.

We are aware that there are tons of useful software for daily usage purposes. But Hiren’s BootCD PE is an emergency disk. So we don’t consider including every software that will not help people in the emergency cases. Hiren’s BootCD PE should include the least and the best free tools just for the emergency cases.

We (hirensbootcd.org) do not accept any money donations. We only accept mirror servers for hosting the ISO files. Please check Become a Mirror page if you want to become a mirror.

Beside Hiren’s BootCD PE, we will continue to host all old or new original versions of Hiren’s BootCD.