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Sun, Jan 16, 2011

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I am unable to download any files from your website, what should I do?

If you are getting redirected to the download page or homepage while you are trying to download a file from our website, please disable the softwares or settings can be blocking referer headers of your browser, connect directly if you are using a proxy, close your browser, clean browser cache and try again.

Zip file I have downloaded seems corrupted. I can’t extract iso from the zip archive.

Please disable your antivirus software. Confirm your filesize is exactly matching with the filesize on the website. If it is not matching, re-download the file and try again.

Why am I getting a virus warning for a file downloaded from your website?

The files downloaded from our website are NOT edited, they are the original files. The most common files we are getting reports are “HBCDMenu.exe, HBCDCustomizer.exe,, konboot.gz”. Please note, they do NOT contain a virus. If you are getting a virus warning, that is a false positive. Please report the file as a false positive via your antivirus software. During that time you should disable your antivirus or add the related file to your antivirus software’s exceptions list for a problem free use.

I am unable to boot the Hiren’s BootCD from USB drive. What should I do?

If you are getting GRLDR error, or if usb booting is halting with a blinking dos window, or if you are facing with smilar situations, try using syslinux to boot grub4dos. To do that, download (145 KB), extract its contents, run ‘RunMe.bat’ inside of the extracted folder and follow its steps.

Can you send a physical copy of the CD to my address?

Because of the problems related with slow download speeds, burning and etc. we are getting requests for sending a physical copy of the CD. Unfortunately we can’t offer a that kind of help with or without a price.

By whom is this website being developed? Do you accept donations?

This website is being developed by a few long term users and fans of Hiren’s BootCD. Hiren’s BootCD saved our lifes and helped us many times. We thank and appreciate Hiren for develeping this great BootCD.

Homepage of this product is and developer of this product is Hiren. This website is not related with Hiren.

We are aware the difficulties about finding and downloading a safe version of this BootCD and finding help about it. We hope this website to overcome these difficulties a little bit.

Donations made over the Donation link on this website directly goes to developer Hiren, we don’t get anything from this donations.

To support high bandwidth usage, to keep this website alive and for giving a better service to you we only accept mirror servers as donation.

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