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Sun, Mar 6, 2011

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There are many Operating Systems right now. In many businesses, Operating systems help in making the office more productive. Furthermore, some organizations use ‘virtual machines’ to render other software and compatibility issues.

To attain the main goal of a business, the use of multiple operating systems is done. But this must be achieved without compromising the current operating system, which is why virtual machines are done and created. Speaking of which, in windows, there is a feature called Virtual Machine, wherein a person can use another operating system besides Windows without the need to install a new OS. But, there is an alternative to Microsoft Virtual Machine, due to the fact that Windows itself limits the hardware capacity of the installed virtual operating system. And this is none other than VMware Workstation.

VMware Workstation is a virtual emulator, much like Microsoft Virtual Machine. However, it also contains more functionality since it is also capable of multiple network servers, it can handle high capacity networking and is capable of being used as a test server for web, program developers and engineers.

This software has been around for already five years. And within those years, clients have never failed to be impressed by the intense and computer-friendly functionality of the said software.

Since its main function is to run multiple Operating Systems at the same time, it is considered to be one of the most trusted and flexible Operating System software to help deploy, test on run software on various computer platform systems simultaneously.

With the new version, it has now been optimized for Windows 7, the latest operating system released by Microsoft. Aside from this, it can also handle up to eight virtual processors, which means the machine running on Windows 7 can emulate up to eight maximum operating systems installed and running at the same time. Another key feature is the 3D or 3-Dimensional capability of the software, which was a big thumbs-up for the program since it was the first virtual machine program to support Windows Aero of Windows Vista and now the enhanced graphics of Windows 7. Aside from these new features, it is also better than using other virtual machines because of the direct link to the original and currently installed OS, so there is no need to reconfigure the drivers of the said PC to the virtual machine. Another thing that makes it easy is the flexibility of the software to adjust to the processor, whether if the installed processor is 32-bit or 64-bit. It is also noted for its 3D graphic capability for Windows XP, and is a better alternative to using the downloadable Windows XP mode in Windows 7. It also has a high security protection through a 256-bit AES encryption system. Another thing to be amazed about is the AutoProtect feature, which takes and logs any faulty or corrupted programs that can lead to virtual machine failure. Since the direct link to the preconfigured drivers of the computer is accessed, the virtual machine also shares the same system resources, and without compromising the performance of the current operating system, which is why VMware Workstation is considered to be one of the best multi-operational PC software.

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