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Tue, Nov 22, 2011


The website Twitter is defined as a social media dashboard, wherein people can immediately say something or best known as a ‘tweet’. People can also follow people and organizations to know the latest happenings. Most journalists or prominent persons use this service to tell something like the latest news on-the-dot and is currently happening.

Aside from people getting to follow you as a user, people also can follow and won’t return a tweet back, much like a spam mail in a certain web mail like Yahoo or Google. With this type of trend happening, there one type of service called ‘ManageFlitter‘ to properly manage and control the people who you follow and who are also following you. It’s more of a blacklist and white list of people in twitter.

Here’s the step-by-step procedures on how to use this service:

  1. Using your web browser, type the address
  2. Once loaded, the site will require permission to check the user’s twitter account. So click the ‘Connect to Twitter’ box to proceed.
  3. If the user has not subscribed or used the service, twitter will request the user to login and permit the application, in which case is Manageflitter, and click ‘Allow’ to access the application. If the user does not want to continue, ho or she may opt to click ‘Deny’ and thus leave the application.
  4. Once the application is allowed, the user is now redirected to the profile page. Here, the user can see his or her contacts, whether these people are followers or the people the user is following.
  5. The service is located on the side of page. So once a contact is selected, it highlights. The user may opt to un-follow such contacts and can be eventually deleted.
  6. The service also can also check for contacts that are not following back, inactive, quiet, has no profile picture or personal data. And thus can sort these contacts out to have a better view of the user’s followers and people who following the said person.

The only thing that makes it hard to use is the fact that the said application can only remove one at a time. But never fret. There is a way to use the manageflitter service without the hassle. Manageflitter has a javascript hack that can make the user select numerous volumes of followers and following users. Using the twitter account, connect or link the account to the manageflitter service using the steps previously mentioned. Usually the web code can be accessed through the modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox or the recently released Google Chrome, in this case the user will need to access the Javascript console of the browser. On Chome this is done simply by clicking CTRL-SHIFT-J key combination. Once window is opened, copy and paste the following code to the window:

This code will be manageflitter’s trigger or counter to inititate the multiple select option. Now the next to do is return the profile page. It is best to log out and log in again just to make sure that the code will trigger somehow. Once back in the profile page, the user can now select multiple to un-follow.

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