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Wed, Mar 2, 2011

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Formerly known as PC-cillin, the Trend Micro Titanium antivirus software is one of the most sought after in the market, offering a high level of protection for anyone who chooses to have this installed. Even better, the software has made several improvements on some key components ensuring users the best security for their PC’s.

Protection Capabilities

As mentioned, Trend Micro Titanium Software has made some adjustments to its program lately, one of the notable additions being the cloud-bases security which detects viruses before they even reach the computer. The fact that most of the information uses is hosted online also means that the program would occupy only a small space in your hard drive. Some security threats that are also deflected by the software include hackers, OS exploits, malicious cookies and script, keyloggers and dialers.


The cloud-bases antivirus feature is one of Titanium’s biggest selling points combined with traditional security protection done in real time. The program was tested by the West Coast labs and is an ideal protection against Trojans.

Ease of Use

Like most antivirus software, the Trend Micro Titanium takes only minutes to install with just a few easy clicks plus an online hosting that doesn’t occupy too much space in the hard disk. At the same time, Titanium features and easy to manipulate interface that works wonderfully for those who are not too keen about tweaking their antivirus software. Users can choose from a quick scan, a full system scan or a customized scan targeting only the areas specified by the user. Scanning may be activated with just a click of the button although setting up a schedule is also possible.

Features and Update

The great thing about Trend Micro Titanium software is the fact that the cloud-base feature makes it possible to remain updated every day. The program is meant to be installed and simply forgotten as it runs seamlessly on the background of the PC while constantly updating itself without having to prompt it.

Unfortunately, some features present in other antivirus programs are lacking in the Titanium edition despite the recent development they made on the product. Perks that were obviously unseen from the software include a laptop batter saving mode or a bootable rescue disk.

One of the remarkable perks of Trend Micro Titanium software is its full customer support in the form of online customer service and technical help. Discussion boards are also present allowing users to have a definite site to visit each time they have a question as well as an information archive that may be searched. E-mail, phone and live chat communication options are also available.

All in all, the Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus software is a good program for those who are frequently online and would have no problems about the program constantly running in the background. Although protection offered by this program is not up to par with other software, Trend Micro is a decent piece of software that would be perfect for not-so-heavy internet users with permanent connections.

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