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Mon, Jan 17, 2011

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steven j schiller -IDTEC, FL

I have been using Hirens sence about 2007. It has become a invaluble tool for me on my slow road to learning about computers. Itsreally a must have tool.
sevenphore, san antonioTx. usa

This cd has helped me many times when I was in trouble with my PC or with my friends PCs, thank you for the work you are doing to keep it updated.
Claudiu, Europe

i think this is the only tool an computer engineer needs to solve 99% of all Computer problems
eugene freese, Agra India

I work for a privately owned company in the IT Support Department and your tool is invaluable to our everyday needs! The utilities you add to each of the versions are also equally useful and we can't imagine how we managed to get along without it now. Huge fan of Mini XP and a great deal of the recovery features. Thank you for all that your team does to seek, find, and add these freeware tools to your CD for us to use.
Aaron Ryan, South Carolina

Amazing stuff guys, keep it up, Just can't live without this cd.
Ashish, India

I like this BOOTCD--- it revived a dead Asus EEE PC 2gb Surf!
Yeniaul Adrianad, Tokyo, Japan

HBCD is the best bootcd
ferdinand, manila philippines

This is seriously the best bootcd I have found. You must write a book!
dr. k, Boston

This rescue tool have saved me oh so many times. When data is lost, partition table is screwed or Windows won't boot, this has always been THE solution.
Sammy, Norway

Awesome tool. Love it!
Dax, Deep Space 9

I am a network admin, and I never leave my house without HBCD. I put it on a flash drive on my keychain, so I can fix any issues that I encounter.
Nathan, USA

A fantastic tool. A true swiss army knife.
Pedro Fernandes, Portugal

Very good program. Highly recommended
Dimitri V, Skiathos, Greece

Hiren's BootCD has saved my hiney on numerous occasions! There have times when i almost gave up on a couple of desktops that i was working on. But thanks to this extremely useful collection of tools i've been able to salvage a lot of computers. This CD is a MUST HAVE for anyone who tinkers with laptops or desktops! Much thanks!
Tim, North Carolina USA

This is the best free all in one bootable CD i`ve ever seen. Excelent way to fix computers quickly.
Calin, Spain

love love love 'em :)
rudrax, India

Hiren's is my favorite Boot CD Software for my daily IT Jobs!!!
Anggang, Brunei

If you don't have the latest Hirens Boot CD in your tool bag, you might as well toss out your screw driver and other tools. Without Hirens you'll be going on the job unequipped.
Aaron Ramsdell, San Diego, CA

Very usefull. I use Hirens Boot a lot of times into my supports to customers and it is e very good help. Good Job.
Martin, Spain

I've been using Hirens boot disc for a while. It's helped sort a few laptops for friends, By booting in to the xp option you can get access to the hard drive and rescue stuff by dragging and dropping stuff onto an external hard drive. Ive even taken to putting an old HD in my spare laptop and playing with the tools. It's a good way to find out what the tools can do. It's a good tool collect. Many Thanks
Bob, UK

Since I found HirensBootCD, I stopped searching bootCDs. Everythinkg else, even commercial CDs seems useless. Can go out without powercord for ntbk, can't without HBCD
Jan Cepelak, Czech republic

Indispensable. 99.9% of what I need for testing and troubleshooting all right there in one place!
Ben Myers, USA

This is the best first aid kit for your PC, it saved my computers a number of times. Hirens Boot CD is a must-have for my I.T Job
Luka T, New Zealand

This CD is always in my Bag ! Its the magicians wand for the technicians at Technowand. Honestly a CD withouth which we dont leave our office. LOVE HIRENS BOOT CD !
Rahul Chawla, Australia

I have personal IT supporting CD bag. I keep Hiron BootCD with all the disks.
Md. Solaiman Hossain, Bangladesh

Hiren is one in a billion utility software. it gives me a lot of uses. it gives me a feeling of "No Worries". Thank you and more power. hope to see you again for the next 100 years for my next generation... keep up the good work team hiren.
Carmelo H. Griarte, Pilipinas

Simplesmente a chave do paraíso! "the key to paradise!"
Vladimir, Rio de Janeiro

Have been using this tool for years and it keeps getting better. Never leave home without it! I never do - have a copy in the car at all times!
David, Scotland

This is my ultimate Boot CD,i bring it everyday and everywhere for my IT work.Tq to HBCD team!!!-i'm using HBDVD Restored Edition V2.0 and HBCD Rebuild Edition V2.0,this is my ultimate power Boot CD for my daily IT work.
Anggang Salz, Brunei

This was always a great tool to keep handy. I was introduced to it a few years ago and I loved it ever since. Thanks for the wonderful work. Guido.
Guido, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This CD is one of the best I've seen in along time. You have saved many people countless hours of work. Its obvious you have put alot of work into your project and it really worked out for you. Thanks a million.

Thank you so much for this powerful CD, I fixed a very invasive varn. using the embeded Dr.Web. And I forced delete using one of the huge number of tools I wish to add a small tool to update the entire included antiviruses in a glance.
Soubhi Sabbagh, Syria

Im working as tech in compurer reparation in a 3erd world country, thanks to Hiren's boot I can fix my clients compurers and keep very low prices due to I dont have to pay licenses for the programs. I have almost 100% sucess using just Hiren,s Boot Cd. There is not problem that I have no been eable to fix and my clients are happy. Efective, fast and easy, those are the caracterist that I give to this important tool. Thanks to tha people that work in this important cd for it.
Josue, CR

Being a professional computer maintenance technician, I am proud to have HBCD's all versions and these are my best n most reliable tools. Thanks for helping people like me..
Shabbir, Islamabad, Pakistan

I have been using it since the 90's and it's always provided a nice toolkit to work many issues out. I also would like to say that it is a wise decision to turn to freeware or -event better- free software. Thanks for keeping it up for us and please, users, consider donating. Greetings from the sourthernmost corner of the earth, Dave.
David, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

A combination of every tool you might need with the option to add your own even while you're a leak that's the power of hbcd i constantly use it whenever their's a hardware problem it'll find out it saves so much time it's affordable since it's free it's simply amazing
Daniël, Netherlands

The best and recommend tools for IT Technician. You will definitely need it onsite!
Tony Chong, Brunei

Many thanks for an amazing publish, may read your particular others posts. thank you your thinking on this, I soon became a lttle bit made an impact to by this article. Thanks again! You earn a good time. Has wonderful data here. I believe if more people thought of it doing this, they’d possess a better time period receive the hold ofing the matter.
maillot psg, maillot psg

vikas, INDIA

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! I tried many other boot cds, but they required the windows installation files which i did not have because i needed the disc for windows xp and had to make it in windows 7. It also saved my minecraft server's computer from death. THANKS
Alex Hawk, United States

Been using Hiren's bootdisks a long time. He's my hero. Is he single? Never mind.....
Beeber Zanoni, San Francisco

Best Tool Collection Pack On HBCD Ever.
Kushal D, Guwahati

Miraculous job done with success
Debasish Dutta Gupta, kolkata India

Excellent work, keep it up.
Mohammad Nizam Shaha, India, Pune

I really love this tool.a very greate tool for beginners and for novice technician...thank you very much to all developers of this tool..keep up the good work guys..
ferdinand lacsamana, philippines

This is probably the greatest recovery utility since Microsoft's System Restore. I recommend it to anybody.

I have used Hiren's for years and love it. As an advanced user it unlocks so many features which help me to diagnose and repair computer viruses on my friends and family's computers.
Virus Removal Joe, United States

Essential !! Thanks, Developer Team.
Shivam Lavti, India

A great time and life saver project.
Pranshav, India

Hiren bhai aap kamal ho..... really great collection u have and share with us. thanks a lots.
Sourav Dasgupta, Tatanagar, Jamshedpur, India

I wouldn't know any better tool for solving a problem you might have using a personal computer. Thank you very much for this unique and powerful CD.
Siegmar Spranger, Germany - Lower Saxony

No one has ever made such a nice tool kit ever like HBCD. It almost have the best tools integrated in to use. Hope, HBCD will add more tools in FUTURE. My best regards for the Team. Thank you.
Mohamed, Sri Lanka

I have been using HBCD since version version 8 or 9 and it is hands down he most useful tool in my computer trouble shooting and repair kit. Thank us so much and keep up the good work.
James Vance, Tennessee, USA

Hiren's BootCD is a must have in the tech world.

I never use HBCD, but my friends have use it, and now i download HBCD because i have a trouble with .../system, and i am sure i can solve my trouble with HBCD,i hope nexttime HBCD will in Indonesia language :)

I have been an A+ Tech for Many Years, and Hiren's BootCD has been one of My Top Disc used on a daily basis. All the Tools Needed for the important jobs. Keep Up the Great Work.. Awesome Job.
Mick Barker Sr, Paducah, KY

i always use hiren, thanks to hiren, i love this tool, everything that we needed is in it..
mac alex, Indonesia

Just the best software for solving a problem, really saved my life too many times. Thank you for HBCD team for the great job.
Wellington, Brazil

A useful CD to solve multiple kind of problems, save time and headache; I'm very thankful all that support this project.
Waldo, San Salvador, El Salvador

just want to try. Friend said it is best bootcd.
cedric, toronto

Indispensable... Marvelous. Can't forget it must have tool cd for even novice.
sanjay, India

A fantastic and great tool.it help many times in my career to resolve PC issues. best tool ever like this...thanks to Hiren !
prasath, chennai

I can not found suitable words to praise for HBCD. It has saved me from great disasters which happened due to my mistakes. Heartiest thanks to Hiren for unparralled work.
Prabhat Kumar Bajpai, India

Truly a brilliant software. All the necessaary tools compiled into one. Highly recommended for IT technicians and webmasters!
Hinari, United States

I've worked for a great variety of transport & logistic companies over the years here in Australia like Toll and Linfox and we've found your CD in-valuable even though we run CITRIX in some of our workspaces. It's a real invaluable resource for any sort of problem
Matt Murdoch, Melbourne, Australia

I have using Hiren's Boot Cd From my initial IT Career.This CD saves me from many HW and System Headaches .Thanks to u man....always i am recommend this boot cd to my juniors .Thanks for you great help
kalil, india

I've used this many, many times over the years, to repair non-booting PC's and laptops. This set of tools is invaluable in my professional life, and is my main go to tool in the fight against non-booting PC's. Thank you very much for putting this CD together, and keeping smiles on the faces of hard working tech's around the globe.
Monster Munch, North East, England

Have been using this tool for years and it keeps getting better. Never leave home without it! I never do - have a copy in the car at all times!
David, Scotland

This is an absolutely must have for anyone, especially a computer repair professional. Thanks a bunch guys!
Gil, Brooklyn, New York

Hiren boot changed my technical platform and took me in new height in Computer Support...... Thanks a lot
Nitesh Oza, Sangli, Maharashtra

HBCD is an amazing tool! The virtual Windows environment allows you to run tools even if your OS is corrupted, and the apps included are fantastic! I often troubleshoot PCs for friends and even some businesses and they're amazed by how I solve the problem...I tell them next time try HBCD ;)
Matt de Neef, Howick, South Africa

I've used this disc when I first found out about it years back, and I've had not one problem with working with it, and it has helped me lots with solving my computer problems, good job guys
Tim, Canada

The Swiss Army Knife on CD. Enough said!
Alex, Canada

Wow, what a great tool to have in your PC Toolkit. This CD helps me atleast once a week. Oh BTW, I named my son Hiren.
Alex Fields, Australia

Fantastic CD, used it from version 8. real life saver, good work and thanks for this useful tool :)
damian, UK

This is simply the best. I have used this since 10.0 and I always update. Thanks Hiren your the best :)
Eddie, Chesterfield, MI

A fantastic tool for pc repair and we can say it's a god gift for me.
Rabi, gwalior

Hiren BootCD has no parallel to it in terms of thoughtfully selected PC repair tools for most of the situations. Hats off :)
Garg MN, Punjab, India

This compilation is a boon to system troubleshooters. Its an SOS for times when it gets critical and you need a hoard of tools to diagnose and shoot down a problem. God Bless.
Ashu, India

Hiren's BootCD is a Great Tools for me and others whose responsible for Computer Hardware & Software Maintainence. With this tool problem solves in minutes besides hours. Special Thanks for Maker of this tool for making & doing Special efforts for find free tools. Again Thanks.
Amit Gupta, Hardware Associate, ISSC Team, Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Farah, Mathura (INDIA)

This is the BESTEST BOOT CD EVER! Love the "Mini XP" feature. Lots of tutorials on YouTube to get familiar w/ menus. Also search Internet for further instructions on how to fix your particular problem using Hiren's Boot CD. Got me up and running very quickly. Thanks!
Starrysky, San Diego, California

Only found this in 2010 and used it ever since. Helped me solve problems at home and on work sites :) Great job guys, keep it up.
David, Scotland

Awesome!!! that's the only word to describe how I feel about your BootCD. I just spent 28 hours (with only four hours of sleep in the middle) trying to fix a friends PC. I was just about to spend $80 on software when i saw a reviewer refer to your package. Thought I'd give it a try, nothing else to loose, I was also considering buying a fresh Windows OS as, of course, I don't have a disk even though I own the legitimate license) and now the PC is working again. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely Andy (a BIG fan)
Andy, United Kingdom

Great tool,the only Boot disk I use for troubleshooting computers for over many years
Vedran, Croatia

This days the bunch of tools needed to service Lap and Desktop users is so big and OS's limitations are still so nasty that using the Hiren's BootCD is the most quick and fast way to get back to the right way the computers. The best first-aid kit. Thanks a lot.

As a tech Hiren's BootCD has been invaluable. It saves me time, effort, and money on a regular basis. On top of it all, its made me look good on a number of occasions. Thank you to every tool builder represented in this disc, and big thanks to Hiren for putting this together and keeping it updated.

I have been a user of Hirens Boot CD for many years and thank you for producing such a handy tool.

Best set of utils that I have ever used. If this had existed back in the day I wouldn't know half what I do now - this makes it way too easy. Great Job!
Troy, Dallas Texas

A must have tool. Being able to boot it from a USB drive is quite wonderful. MiniXP with the tools provided is indispensable for restoring a computer that has been rendered unbootable by any other means. Ive used it on the job and in my personal life to restore more than one seemingly hopeless case for either myself, my co-workers, clients and friends. This tool will always be a part of my repair kit. Thank you!
Chris Stayner, Madison, WI

This godsend of a disc saved all the files from an infected harddrive! Thank goodness for HBCD

thanks to hiren, i cud fix screwed-up mbr, wud be a nightmare if it wasnt there..., keep up the good work
harry, singapore

Hiren's BootCD is a definate go to for any IT professional that quickly wants to get the job DONE. I have never seen any thing better for fixing broken windows systems and optimizing them in my 10 years in IT. Yes the older versions may have had software that some users prefer, but I really like the ease of use in the version 13.0 and above. I was able to walk my 60 year old father through clearing out a fake AV which hijacked his system in about 10 minutes!
Joe M, San Antonio, TX USA

2012--Yes-Yes-Yes--you did it. The windows\system32\config\system --was missing or corrupt and my Hp Xp computer came with no repair disk and it would not repair or boot so I could not restore to a previous date--Tried Hiren's boot CD and it found a bad sector on the C: drive and Wa--La it booted up up. I didn't lose anything but my settings and three nights of sleep--thank you. m
michael, Boston, ma

I have used this for years. Could not survive without it.
Nic, Australia

i have use many tools but this is best . this is ultimate . None can deny that its best ever and ever
Mudassar shahzad, Pakistan

Wow! This is cool! I saved my computer like 6 times with it, also i'm now gonna repair my xbox 360 hdd with it AMAZING!
Xander Janssen

A must have tool for any IT professional. It helps through its numerous utilities to solve almost any kind of problem concerning pc repair. For me it's the most vital tool in my toolbox. Thank you Hiren for this great tool and keep up the good work.
Jimmy, Greece

This will be legacy for my kids, but i don't kids (yet) :/

it worked
Dave mcPerson, the sky

I would like to say thanks to all the team members of Hiren Boot CD creator. It is really really life saver CD. All in one solution for computer problems. I appreciates the effort..Thanks a lot
Jitendra Indave, India

HBCD has saved me countless times both at work and home. I've been using it since v10.2. It is the absolute best utility CD you will find. Many thanks to the HBCD team.
John R, Springfield, Missouri USA

the best tool that i have.....and you must have it, everything you needed is in it.
mac alex, indonesia

The greatest tools to control your PC, such a great tools by the HBCD Team. Not found anywhere else. I'm using Hiren's BootCD from its V 9.0 and after that continuously downloading the latest versions & spreading it to the other peoples, because of its strong control on PC. I feel a fully control on PC when i use Hiren's BootCD. And i wants to say that, if you have Hiren's BootCD then you have a strongest control on any PC, that you can't get with another ways. That's it !
Mehmood Iqbal, Chakwal, Pakistan

EPV, Toulouse/France

A truly brialliant tool. I had a hp laptop which did not boot up after installing a windows update. I showed it to hp people who promptly advised for a disc replacement and buying windows again. I was pretty sure that it was a MBR gone bad. I just took a backup using qparted tool and repaired the MBR using another tool.Then did a fresh factory install and voila everything was back to normal.Thnx Hiren.
sam, india

Aweseome. This "magic" little USB key that I carry around has helped me out of alot of messy situations. I'm working on getting all of our techs to carry it. great miniXP AND LINUX utilities!
Chris Tooker, US - FL

Honestly the best emergencie cd's ever made too bad microsoft had detonated the last version of winxp live contained in the cd, and too bad that the creator as to be arrested or persecuted for life just for making the best version rescue cd
fernando dos santos quaresma, Portugal

This is quite frankly a brilliant CD. I've just started a new job and Hirens overtook UBCD as the most used disc in 2 days :D. Great job, keep it up.
Brendan Evans, Brisbane

What a little gem, should be issued to every IT Support Analyist as a standard tool of trade.
Fergus, Dublin, Ireland

This bootcd has been a lifesaver for so many people I can't even count. Thanks a lot Hiren!

Really appreciate that you provide so valuable software for free. It's very useful.
Johnny Park

Really a Super Boot CD, I realy dont know, how i have solved all my earlier problems, whitout this CD. This is really a SUPER CD.

HBCD is the most amazing CD/DVD (I use DVDs.) on the market! And its free!
Dan, Granby, Quebec, Canada

HBCD has been the savior twice when nothing else worked.. A boon to recover my system and save cost of new laptop!

I'm a computer tech and this is the best tool in my toolbox hands down!
Brian, Texas

A lot of programs on 1 CD. And I mean a LOT. You should always keep a disk beside your computer.

I'm just a common, yet curious user, and was able to recover an entire partition with Hiren's CD! And this is a tiny portion of what it can do! Thank you all!
Natanael A. Hermes, Porto Alegre - Brazil

An epic time saver.. The swiss army knife of pc troubleshooting. Keep up the excellent work.
Tom, USA

One useful CD with all the tools to make a 2nd level Support work much more fun and enjoyable. What else can one ask ?
Shepherd Nhongo, Gaborone, BOTSWANA

This is one piece of code which really helps in nasty times. Every time I am saved I owe you one....
Ranjith Yarramreddy, Perth Australia

Hiren's BootCD is the best, greatest and most needed tool for computer geeks like me :-) I work part-time as a free lancer fixing people computers and your CD made me become a hero for many customers :-)...HBCD Forever!!
FahadOnline, Saudi Arabia

GREAT job on Hiren's BootCD - a lot of work went into it, and it has saved me many hours of work, let alone allowed me to do things I otherwise could not do.
John Duncan

I was introduced to Hiren BootCD 10.0 which made me surprise, it was awesome especially booting from USB. After then i updated with every other releases. Keep rocking!!
Vishnu, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu

Save my life! God bless you!!!
Gustavo Lesbão, Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil

Hiren's Boot CD just saved my computer from a lost-password situation! WindowsGate... removed the password and all of a sudden I had access to my system again
Wankah, Cameroon

HBCD made me a computer geek in no time. Now the man who taught me ABC of computers calls me to solve some probs. Thx HIREN.
smarty, INDIA

I've been using HirensBootCD's for a very long time, recovered so many friends PC's with it. I'm not a IT professional, but just a hobbyist.
Heikki, Finland

Firstly, I must say THANK YOU to the makers of Hiren's BootCD!!! I'm a webmaster and we can't afford any downtime on our servers. Just last week, our server was down and so was our website. We can't bootup our server at all (using Windows Server). I tried Hiren's BootCD to boot up the server to fix the issue. Everything was back up in less than 30 minutes. I can't thank the developers of Hiren's BootCD enough! Thank you!!!
Health Internetwork

Hiren's Boot CD is AWESOME! I just couldn't live without it. Been using it since probabky 7.0 and it has made my PC using life a LOT easier! Many thanks!
xFiReStOrMx, United Kingdom

Using this great collection from it's earlier versions, thanks Hiren for all the good work!
VOLT Refurbished Laptops LTD., London

Great tool to restore many difficulties!
nEON, Pod?brady, CZ

Very very useful in many occasions when pc just doesnt work, i miss the versions which had acronis, ghost, spinrite etc.. very good software, now it has loads of freeware... i preferred quality over quantity but well.. i hope that will change. Gracias !
pancho, 3rd world

Just saved my whole summer with Hiren's Boot CD! This is much better than the Vista recovery CD I used last time, where everything you do needs the permission from the "administrstor" that you'll never get, or running a recovery for 3 hours and just told you that it can't fix it. HBCD have none of that, as long as you can get to BIOS, HBCD will provide more than enough fantastic tools to fix everything there is to fix. Also, it has the old 16 bit solitaire that I had been wanting to play a long times ago.
John, Springfield, IL

I've been using Hiren's BootCD since version 5. I liked it first, because of the many tools included. It's a must have for all!"
Martin, Bulgaria

This disc has helped me out so many times, too many to mention, thank you Hiren.

Awesome tool kit ever I've used.. it made me so easy for me to some stuffs. Really a needed one, In fact I've burned this to mini disk to travel here and there.
Azker, SriLanka

This is by far the easiest BOOTCD for ease of use
Ronald Andrews, Johannesburg, Gautreng, South Africa

Awesome tool kit ever I've used.. it made me so easy for me to some stuffs All in one solution for computer problems. I appreciates the effort..Thanks.
branded sms, Pakistan

Fantastic Boot CD/USB tool. As an oldschool engineer, I'm quite nostalgic about it (I remember getting my first version, Dragon CD or something about 10 years ago) I find it invaluable, only just got the latest version, having popped into my head the other day when stuck on a PC that I couldn't sort! Best Boot Multi CD EVER!
fortuzero, UK

you have helped me restore over 30 computer's just this year thank,s so much keep up the good work.:)
Barry Ritchie, Honduas, choluteca central america

HBCD is my go-to solution for troubleshooting and repairing Windows systems. Small enough to fit on a USB thumb drive with plenty of room left over for your favorite utilities. There's a lot of great bootable rescue suites but HBCD is the best. It's a lifesaver at work AND at home, and it's FREE! I can't thank Saint Hiren and the people donating their hosting space enough.
Syd Midnight

I've searched the internet for software that can fix computers quickly and easily and this is the best stuff around.
Alexander , Peru, IN

Thanks for making this available to those who appreciate things well done. Be well and continue your excellent work.

The Hiren's Boot disk is a great tool to have in fixing computers. It makes it professional work so much easier. Now I'm called the best it tech from my peers. This disk is awesome! Hiren keep up the great work.
James, Elizabeth, NJ

very useful hiren boot cd it is cofortable for IT persons
kirubakaran, india

"HBCD" is a good tool. This cd makes me A good System Administrator.
Panish Kumar A, INDIA Mysore

A must have tool for all Computer Tech. It saved my PC from virus infection. The older versions worked for me, how much more the newest version. Thanks a lot.
Ge Gueco, Quezon City, Philippines

I was with you from version 7. I will be with you till version 10000007!
Goran, Serbia

Have been using this tool for years and it keeps getting better. Never leave home without it! I never do - have a copy in the car at all times!
David, Scotland

thanks from the inner core of my heart for making such a nice software tool for technician like us...good job .. hope to get more in the future ,, god bless u ..
aarif, qatar

OutFreakinStanding piece of work. For work or friends, the best tool to have, bar none! I agree with previous writers, getting all the tools you need into one package is tough, this one does the kob!
Cipher, USA

It helped me a lot for my computer and for my friends
Roopesh, India

I've had the first release of HBCD for a couple of years or so now and it has been a life saver countless times. I'm just glad to stumble upon it again now. Kudos to you guys!
RDF, Philippines

Hiren's Boot CD is the best utility tool that i ever known, this is very useful for me.
m4zwahyu, Indonesia

Simply A MUST HAVE for me. What about you?

Hiren's BootCD has helped me out on NUMEROUS occasions. Everything from a quick repartition of someone's pc to data recovery or malware removal. I carry it on a 4GB USB drive everywhere I go, and it has helped me help countless people.
C. Wright

I am a big fan of Hiren's bootCD, saved my life numerous times already.
B. R. Denton

I have used this cd time and again for everything from data recovery to virus removal and it is the only complete "swiss army knife" for computer survival.
Redmane, VT, USA

Hiren's BootCD is my absolute favourite one. Great work indeed.
c0rt3x86, Germany

The best First aid kit I ever had... Good work man, I love you dude.
Musthafa.kv, India

This is really an extremely usefull cd, been using it since V6 and found it very usefull on all PC's.
Kiln, SA

I love Hiren's BootCD! I don't know how to use everything, but I love the password reset for Win XP. A friend of mine in N.Y. told me about it! Been using it since 2009 I think or 2008!
Ryan V., France

Thx for your great work. The Hiren's Boot CD is "a must Have" in my IT work.

Hiren boot disk gave me a different/great platform in it sector.It changed my life,today's i can tell to every-body that i am the best. thank you very much.
Hari Parsad, Chandigarh/India

A one CD toolkit like no other. If you can't fix it with this disk it's not broken or you don't know what you are doing!
Eddie O, USA

Hiren's Boot CD is the only tool I use, for crashes, network problems,etc. and makes evaluation, and repair possible for someone like me, with limited experience Thanks
Gregory R Armstrong, United States

Great package, usefull softwares, an extremely good MiniXP, a must for techs !
TailS - the french fox, France

The IT field has been so easy for me no matter what; whenever i have HBCD with me as my companion... Thanks Folks. We are expecting more tools....
Raven Ixen, Ghana

i love this software and thank for hiren boot maker team
aman, nepal

Thanks for this great tool who replace my old ERD CD
Patrick Gendron, St-Hyacinthe, Quebec

This is disk work. Keep up the good work.
Rick, Sweet Home Alabama

I do computer repairs and upgrades for people I have been using Hiren's CD since verison 10 and can say this has been a life saver. like if someone deleted a file they need you can recover it or if there pc has a major virus they cant get rid of this will help or if there is an issue with the HD this just might do the trick.
jon, usa

Great tool for all. Thanks a lot!
Luiz F.C.Simoes, Rio de Janeiro_Brasil

Hiren's BootCD has helped me out with many "learning experiences" for the past 10 years or so. It's always reliable and easy to use, and it will always be my first choice.
Paul, USA

HBCD is very very useful for me computer support, all in one. always updated. thumbs up for 15.1 version. hope to include SYSTEM RECOVERY CONSOLE bootable. xp,7 some pc has missing system files. thank you. godbless. more power.
Jan Espinosa, Philippines

I use this all of the time, and it's a life saver every time. I always carry it in my bag with my laptop, backup drive, cheat sheets and tool kit. It is a an absolute key piece of IT gear.
Scott Schmit, Upstate South Carolina

Great tool! Invaluable for a computer tech. Thanks to all who made this happen.
Michiel, Netherlands

I have been using this CD for years to remove passwords and wipe hard drives to DoD standards. I most recently used this to crack a forgotten password so I could salvage the data and rebuild the machine with a fresh image!
Dr. Tyler Johnson, Missouri Science & Technology - Rolla

The administrator password reset function helped me time and time again when having to log into machines at different sites where no one knew the password. Saved me having to buy very expensive software alternatives. Thank you very much. J
Jonathan E, Johannesburg South Africa

Keep up excellent work!! thank you!!

Very Good
Mandar, India

My Computer was running wild with malware, and this was the only thing that worked.
Ben, San Antonio, TX

I have you your bootdisc for a very long time ,it has made me to stand up amongst lots of Technicians ,I just got the 15.1 and its so good thank for saving us .
Seth Gibson, APMTerminals Monrovia,Liberia

Hiren's BootCD has helped me out so many times, too many to mention, thanks for a great product.
Ron Gram, Thailand

This was one of the best things I've ever seen.
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