T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review

T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review indicated that this unit is an impressive smartphone that has its own keyboard that slides out when needed. This seems to be a limited type in the cellular phone market since the industry had been producing and marketing touch screen type of mobile phones these days. This T-Mobile is being sold in bargain price that provides a full QWERTY type of keyboard to go with its fast 1.2 gigahertz dual-core processor. Not a bad deal considering its significant features and distinctive add-ons that are both practical and useful for the consumers. However, this mobile phone device by HTC has a special feature. It has a super rapid camera that can take shots very fast even for quick moving subjects. In addition, it has an application that allows phone streams of movies which are very practical nowadays.

The T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review highlights the considerable 6.5 ounce heaviness of the unit in comparison to others; however it provides the phone an air of durability. Furthermore, the weight is just right because of the QWERTY physical keyboard that slides out added which other mobile phone with touch technology do not incorporate. This has an oval form with narrowed borders. People like its smart colour representation through gray and black. Over the location of the screen, you can find a huge earpiece frame that is silver in colour as well as a camera. Under the display, you can find physical buttons to manoeuvre the functions of the Android operating system. There is also a purplish dark-coloured track pad to route the menus. Some users assert their preference for a search key instead of a track pad. It has a microUSB port on the side, camera button and at the back is where the 8 megapixel camera is enclosed with a dial LED flash. To obtain the mobile phone unit’s microSD card, it is easily accessible without having to take out the battery.

To summarize the positive points of this unit, the T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review highlights that the unit has practical but excellent camera features and make use of the most updated software and mother board chipsets. There is a vast selection of shooting methods and tools for editing in this gadget at the same time has dual-core functioning. It has the fastest functioning camera ever found in a mobile phone which includes strong features. Another significant positive point of the cellular phone is its 1080p HD video capture and a button for voice recognition feature. Just to mention a few drawbacks, the keyboard is not that easy to type on but you can get used to it eventually. It has no HDMI port and the 4G data speeds are a bit slow. On the whole, this 4G slide model has one of the most outstanding and fastest cameras. With a stable QWERTY physical keyboard and the best camera in a mobile phone to date, this unit of smartphone is one impressive gadget operated with Android.

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