Sony VAIO Z Laptop Review

Sun, Feb 19, 2012

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Sony VAIO Z Laptop Review

This Sony VAIO Z Laptop Review will provide you with enough information about this ultraportable laptop. Sony is known for its notoriety on offering a bunch of ahead of its time products with an extremely hefty price tag. Come to remember the Sony music or television products available a decade ago; they were offered at a much more expensive price than the brand’s competitors claiming that they have the most unique software and hardware to back up the price. Although they always live up to the expectations and claims, this laptop, which this article should be talking about, is not your home standard laptop. With its superior quality and impressive design combined with its high cost, this laptop is not conventioal for home users.

The size of the VAIO Z is 13 inches, which is a standard size for most laptops. It weighs at an impressively light 2.5 punds, which is generally much lighter than its competitors. This is because the Sony VAIO V is made up of a durable carbon fiber material, which makes it highly sturdy and also light in weight. When this ultraportable laptop is closed, it can be as thin as 0.7 inches. Despite its size, especially the thinness of this unit, the laptop still boasts a full blast Core i7 processor, which is high in capability. Its RAM come with a capacity of 4GB and its hard drive has a capacity of 256GB, which is an extremely impressive feat for a laptop this sleek. With the high quality software and high performing hardware, its battery can run up to 5 and a half hours, which is pretty much lesser than other ultraportable laptops.

This Sony VAIO Z Laptop Review presents to you that there is a bunch of other goodies crammed up inside this sleek system. There is a pair of USB ports at either side, a gigabit ethernet, an audio jack, a pair of card readers, Memory stick and SD along the edge in the front, and a VGA port on the west side. Its discrete Radeon HD video and graphics card has the capability to deliver and provide you the best resolution and the most impressive looking graphics. The graphics in this Sony VAIO Z is almost improbable to be pixelated and it runs pretty well in whatever conditions the graphics are presented with. It is also crammed with a bunch of USB connectors.

The downside of buying this laptop, which this Sony VAIO Z Laptop Review is reiterating,is the price. Its price runs from $2000 to $2500, which is more than double the price of other ultraportable laptops. It also exhibits a poor performing keyboards and its audio is pretty much lackluster because of its low quality speakers. Also, there are other seemingly unnecessary software programs which can be easily remove and uninstall should you not desire to use them. However, one cannot deny that this laptop is ahead of its time. It is like saying that you have today the next year’s laptop.

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