Sony VAIO SB Series (VPCSB1BGX) Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Sony VAIO SB Series (VPCSB1BGX) Laptop Review

This is an article about the Sony Vaio SB Series (VPCSB1BGX) Laptop Review. It provides an extensive detailed explanation why this laptop is considered to be one of the best of its kind. According to some reviews, it offers one of the best performances overall and in general. However, one downside to this impressive laptop is its price. It costs about $2500 which is not that cheap when considered. Yes, the price may be a little bit costy, but rest assured that you would get the necessary hardware that you would expect to get at that price. Sony Vaio laptop ensures the user that he or she gets what she pays for.

This Sony Vaio SB Series (VPCSB1BGX) Laptop Review describes it as an ultraportable laptop that measures 13.3 inches and weighs at exactly 3.7 lbs. The weight is generally lesser than its competitors, which distinguishes it from others. It has been aforementioned that the hefty price tag comes with an impressive hardware. To start, this Vaio SB contains a highly capable Core i7-2620M processor, which is a dual core CPU. The dual core runs at a speed of around 2.7 Gigahertz. In addition to that already impressive line of hardware, this Sony Vaio SB has a RAM of 8GB and a hard drive of 256GB (if this does not impress you, wait for the other features). It also has an Intel chip with Radeon HD with graphics RAM of 1GB. It has a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, high quality dual band networking, and both Blu-Ray Drive ROM and DVD burner. It can also support Intel’s wireless display specifications for better performance rating for the unit. All of these features fit snugly inside a very sleek Sony Vaio S Series Laptop.

With regards to the life of the battery, it is quite impressive. In a test conducted by some of the best reviewers, Sony VAIO SB’s battery life could last up to 7 hours and 19 minutes. However, if you switch on and enable the Radeon discrete graphics, it could cut the lifespan of the battery by half or sometimes, even worse. Users have also tried installing the optional slice battery and it adds about 5 hours of operating time for the laptop. This optional accessory weighs about a pound heavier and it fits beneath the unit without a hitch. It has a lot of software programs installed, which Sony is notoriously known for. However, if you do not prefer sudden pop ups from time to time, it is very easy to remove them.

The starting price for this unit is about $900, which is quite average given the appearance and materials used in the manufacturing of Sony VAIO SB laptop. It does not appear to have been made out of the most exquisite materials quite obvious in units with the price of $2500. The sense of style of this unit may be in question, but the performance of this laptop is quite at par with its competitors. Its performance is outstanding and it is surprisingly user friendly, given the hefty price tag, according to the Sony Vaio SB Series (VPCSB1BGX) Laptop Review.

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