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Tue, Nov 22, 2011

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SimpLite MSN EncryptionIf other people can have access to all your chat messages, won’t you feel betrayed and worse humiliated by whatever secrets that can be revealed inadvertently? It is a good thing that there is SimpLite MSN Software that protects you and your messages securely over the net by encrypting before your messages get sent to the wide world of the internet. It makes use of algorithm to convert unencrypted messages to encrypted versions without a fuss.

In using SimpLite-MSN, your contact is also authenticated for proper encryption instruction and is guaranteed for online conversations security. However, when your chat mate is not using SimpLite MSN, messages will remain to be unencrypted.

Once ordered, the software can be easily installed by following screen instructions. The configuration wizard is very useful especially for those not so techie on taking online procedures. The user-friendly graphical interface provides easy ways to quickly customize the software. It is makes the whole conversation a lot more alive and engaging with the sounds and messages that can be attributed to any cryptographic event. It is like having a personal secretary assisting you all the way the online conversation and informing you if the conversation is being sent on a secured platform or not.

So basically, SimpLite MSN does not change your online conversation manner at all. It just provides you with way on how to keep your much desired privacy during the times where hackers and eavesdroppers are abound. When you are going to start a conversation with a friend for the first time, the software will require you identify this client and will have you confirmed that you really know this person because he or she will be permanently stored in your list. If you are unsure of the identity, you can still engage in the online conversation but can set limit to once so that the authentication for that person cannot be used again in the future.

For group chats, the conversation is carried on like ordinary single chat. However, the one joining must be accepted by all present in the chat before he or she can decrypt the chat messages.

The SimpLite-MSN is free for home users with basic features. For the corporate users who have the most need for keeping their messages private and confidential, there is SimPro commercial version. For SimpLite-MSN to run, your computer system must be running any of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 95/98/Me
  • Windows NT4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Despite the many new technologies that come out every now and then, there are things that remain the same and will be like that for so many years to come. One of which is our desire to keep in touch with those we care. SimpLite-MSN software is not only making such communications and business colleagues easier and better. More importantly, it makes you feel good knowing that you can safely tell your friends or share with your group the secrets to a hidden treasure without having the world listening to the things you wish to remain private and confidential.

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