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Tue, Nov 22, 2011

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Download ScreenHunter v4.0 (Freeware, 373 kb)

ScreenHunter v4.0There are many ways to have your own computer screen captured. Traditionally, the keyboard has a button called ‘Print Screen Sys Req’, wherein this certain computer user will use this button to set a command to print what is on the current screen, then copy and paste to an image editing program like Microsoft Paint, then save the pasted image as .JPEG (Joint Photographic Exchange Graphic) or any other image formats. Nowadays, this type of act is just a thing of the past, since there are already computer programs that can help a user capture the computer, either still image or video and it has evolved as of late.

Now, there is a certain program called the ScreenHunter Version 4.0, wherein this is a freeware or free software covered by a certain law, that it can be used for free with no hidden charge, and the only condition is that is must be used for personal and not profiting purposes. This type of program can capture the current screen readily with a single click, either the whole screen or the just a part of it.

ScreenHunter is a screen capturing program that captures a certain part of a computer activity. This type of program was made by Wisdom-Soft, and is available for free. Much like any other program, the time you pay it, the more functionality it has. It basically has three versions namely: Free, Plus and Pro. The download readily available is the free version. Personally, the writer does not know the payment schemes for this product.

With the free product however, the basic functions is what matters. It uses an adjustable rectangle to capture a certain current computer screen. With the pro however, it can handle more advanced objects like text. With the detail selected, the image captured is then sent to the clipboard of the operating system, ready to be copied to a program like Microsoft Office Word or any image editing program like Adobe Photoshop.

What’s good about this program is that the software can get any window, most specially if the user wants only a specific part of the screen, instead of cropping the image in an image editing software. Another good job with this is that it also incorporates the Print Screen Button as what is mentioned earlier, the only difference is that the print screen now links to the program. The said software also sets itself in the system tray, so it’s easy to access and use. And since it’s a simple but functional program, it does not really hog a lot of system or computer resources. It also has a Zoombox Feature to easily capture the screen for a specified part only. Another one is the ability to directly save the image using the program, unlike the traditional method. And the program has no expiry date, so there is no need to renew a subscription like other programs take example Avast! AntiVirus.

So far, this program is rated the best screen capturing program due to its basic use and functions, plus the fact that the software is free, and always will be.

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