Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review

Samsung Series 9 Laptop was officially launched last April this year and since then, a lot of good things have been said about this product. Because of the airy one kilo weight and the small screen of the Series 9 laptop, there is a great possibility that you will mistake it for a netbook. However, if you start to inspect it closely, you will notice a few distinguishable details that set this laptop apart from the rest. You can expect this model to come with a black Duralumin casing and this material is proven to be more luxurious and stronger than cheap plastic or aluminum casing. This model also comes with a bright and nice matte finish, which makes it more appealing.

What is good about Series 9 is that its users will never have a hard time lifting it up. This makes it more convenient for anyone to plug the peripherals and peer at the hidden ports that can be found behind the small drop-down doors on both sides of the device. One of the best advantages of the Series 9 model is that it comes with a faster resume-from-sleep and boot time. Basing on the stopwatch tests made by Samsung, the resume-from-sleep and boot time is approximately 24 and 3 seconds. This means that the Start Menu of the Windows 7 will have a default setting of sleep instead of shut down. Series 9 also comes with a great viewing angle. This means that you will have an easier time viewing from wide angles and this is proven to be really useful if you want to constantly share on-screen information with other people.

Samsung Series 9 laptop can be expected to decently perform daily tasks such as word processing and web browsing. Its speed is amenable. It would be possible for you to watch a streaming full HD video on YouTube while also opening as much as ten tabs and chat windows. The good thing about this is that even with the tabs and the streaming video on, you will never feel that the laptop starts to lag. You can even stream music without affecting its entire performance and speed. Just like any other laptop model, Series 9 will start to heat up after using it for a few hours. However, you can expect the heat to be tolerable since it will never cause you to scald your legs.

Another advantage of the Series 9 laptop is its decent battery life. Even with its thin structure, you can still expect the device to last for a maximum of 5 hours when using its battery. The device also has a 128GB SSD. This is a major help in making the system more responsive. The standard 128GB SSD that comes along with the device is also a major help when it comes to faster booting. You can also expect the device to quickly resume Windows once you open its lid.

In conclusion, Samsung Series 9 laptop is a good investment. You should consider checking out the many reviews online if you are still doubtful about the performance and effectiveness of Series 9.

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