Samsung ML-3712ND Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Samsung ML-3712ND Printer Review

Corporate users often solely use monochrome laser printers. As numerous office documents such as memos, notices, and reports are printed almost daily, an office laser printer needs to offer fast print speeds and superb yields while maintaining low print costs. Samsung aims to provide corporate users with a fairly priced yet trusty solution through its ML-3712ND monochrome laser printer. Currently sold in many stores for less than $200, the ML-3712ND is indeed easy on the pocket. Nevertheless, those planning to purchase Samsung’s printing solution should read this Samsung ML-3712ND printer review before spending their money.

Upon printing a test page, one of the ML-3712ND’s best features immediately became evident. Print speeds are amazingly fast. Plain documents are printed almost instantaneously. Browsing through the printer’s technical specifications, Samsung claims that the ML-3712ND is capable of printing up to 37 pages per minute. While the speed rating may not apply to all printing tasks, especially on pages that are completely filled with text, it is undeniable that the ML-3712ND is faster than most of its similarly priced rivals. It must also be pointed out, that despite such speed, Samsung’s mid-range printing solution is capable of producing clear prints.

In order to be perfect for business purposes, the ML-3712ND also needs to provide high print yields. As indicated in the ML-3712ND’s manual, the printer should be more than able to produce 5,000 pages using a single cartridge. In this Samsung ML-3712ND printer review however, it would be best to compare ML-3712ND’s prints-per-cartridge estimate with those of a competitor: specifically, the HL-5370DW by Brother. Out of the box, Brother’s laser printing solution offers up to 3,000 prints. With such quantities, it seems that ML-3712ND is a superior choice. However, in order to evaluate the printer completely, assessing toner prices is necessary.

The sole downside of the ML-3712ND becomes apparent when one sees the price of its toners. An authentic high-yield toner for Samsung’s monochrome laser printer, costs around $178 in most stores. Producing 10,000 prints, each page roughly costs 2 cents. On the other hand, a high-yield toner for the HL-5370DW, which offers up to 8,000 prints, can be bought for less than $80. In this sense, when using Brother’s similarly priced monochrome laser printer, one only needs to spend a cent when printing a single page. Clearly, the ML-3712ND is not an ideal choice for those who need the lowest print costs.

In this Samsung ML-3712ND printer review, it became evident that Samsung’s mid-range monochrome printer is not the best in its class. While providing corporate consumers with superb print speeds, the ML-3712ND fails to provide low printing costs. However, it must be emphasized that the ML-3712ND has a distinct edge over its competitors in terms of toner capacity and print quality. Those who prefer convenience and quality over price would surely be satisfied in using Samsung’s monochrome printing solution. All in all, even though the ML-3712ND is not the most economical monochrome laser printer, some individuals would still find it to be an excellent choice.

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