Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Cell Phone Review

Sat, Dec 31, 2011

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Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Cell Phone Review

This Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) cell phone review asserts that this particular product provides users a very impressive and first-class Android smartphone. Aside from the fact that it can be easily slid in and out of your pocket, the very slim Samsung Galaxy S II offers the ultimate multi-tasking capacity. With the unit’s eloquent dual-core processor of 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3, users can have the best gaming experience possible on a smartphone. Furthermore, it only measures 0.37 inches. Hence, it is so pocket-friendly but with a large multi-touch display, it is absolutely ideal for getting engrossed in high-end quality video and concentrated active gaming.

The Samsung Galaxy S II can be purchased from any T-mobile shop. This Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) cell phone review can actually assert that a lot of customers have been really impressed by the unit. Its manufacturer has definitely meticulously thought about the mechanisms and applications of this smartphone for users’ benefit. You can now get rid of ineffective and problematical mobile phone units you previously put up with. Among the most advantageous and amazing characteristics of this product is its screen. As far as users know, it is not only huge but also wonderfully bright, effervescent, highly readable even in direct exposure to sunlight. In addition, it is very effective for browsing activities attributed to the high-quality screen features. For a user, this mobile phone unit has a very good feel. It looks very solid at the same time light, has excellent quality, as well as comfortable to use. Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S II on T-mobile is mighty fast at the same time smooth in all its functionalities. It makes excellent calls at the same time video calling is not problematical. Battery life is so important to all users and this definitely has a sufficient one. Among its best features is the unit’s camera. It has anti-shake feature that can be turned on to produce absolutely perfect images. Unlike other mobile phone units, this one has high-definition 1080p video capture with remarkable playback. For professional users, its viewing and editing features for Word, powerpoint, excel, and PDF types of documents is a more pleasurable experience in comparison to smartphones with smaller screen dimensions. The 4G speed is delightful as well which makes slower ones dispensable.

This Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) cell phone review finds Samsung has asserted that the hardware for this particular unit is not strong enough to hold Ice Cream Sandwich for Android. Anyhow, it would not matter much since Android 2.3 or Gingerbread remains steadfast on its speed capability. It still features an improved and cleaner interface with new-fangled icons, better notification bar, and more effective navigation. In fact, multi-tasking using this operating system allows running of more than one cellular phone application at a time. One other issue is that some users notice T–mobile has a penchant for installing a lot of additional applications that are not usable. However, these may be easily hidden using an appropriate application programming interface. On the whole, owning this device is not regrettable. It is user-friendly and has multi-tasking capabilities applicable for both professionals and regular mobile phone users.

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