Samsung Epic Touch 4G Cell Phone Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Samsung Epic Touch 4G Cell Phone Review

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Cell Phone Review indicated that the unit is designed to perform with significant speed. With this 4G cellular phone, all downloads and uploading, applications, games, connectivity, and features functions practically as rapidly as in a push of a button. This model of Samsung mobile phone boasts of the Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (Super AMOLED) display technology which is a derivation from the previous AMOLED. However, this version has been updated and is a much better variety with its fifty percent more sub pixels. This smartphone has huge 4.52 inch Super AMOLED PLUS display. In comparison with the previous production of AMOLED, a number of the Super AMOLED improvements include more vivid screen, sunlight reflection is reduced, at the same time less consumption of energy. Nevertheless, not all customers can be satisfied all the time. There were those who have criticized on its noisy phone lines. They also noticed certain discolorations as the brightness of the display is reduced. This is an excellent feature to be highlighted, since there is no other smartphone which has this vibrant technology.

Through Samsung Epic Touch 4G Cell Phone Review, it has been known that Samsung was actually able to get rid of waiting and interruptions by powering up its system with a 1.2 gigahertz dual core Samsung Exynos processor. It was able to boot up in less than half a minute which evidently is fairly fast for this type of smartphone. With the network of this mobile phone unit, movies have not slowed down, and websites on the net do not go slowly at the same time it does not hang. The Samsung Epic Touch can take outstanding pictures whether outdoors or indoors. It is just noticeable that colours of images shot indoors appeared somewhat with too much colour that almost looked unnatural. However, the details were fairly sharp and there was no hint of being grainy or pixelated. You can take pictures fast even with fast-moving subjects. Even if the phone camera is not equipped with physical shutter, the quality is remarkable.

Anyhow, for the Samsung Epic Touch 4G Cell Phone Review the positive features take account of the phone’s huge bright screen, outstanding and first-rate 8-MP camera, loud speaker, and video calling is good enough. The only downside that may be noticed with this Samsung model of smartphone is its run of the mill battery life with 8.7 hours talk time. Apparently, some customers point out its slow 4G speeds, at the same time it has no high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port. Anyhow, the company is selling an HDMI adapter. It can be plugged into the microUSB port on the phone in order to facilitate streaming of videos and other content to a television. In actual fact, it is both larger and lighter than other models similar to its specifications as well as features. On the whole, with a 4.52 inch display and incredibly fast processor with dual core speed, more improved overall screen quality, and great camera, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G cellular smartphone has the power to bargain for.

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