Samsung CLP-775ND Color Laser Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Samsung CLP-775ND Color Laser Printer Review

The Samsung CLP-775ND is considered one of the best color laser printer to have surfaced on the market these days. This powerful printer is fully capable of accommodating busy workgroups of various nature. It looks good with the $750 midrange price tag. It may have not broken any record in output quality, but its significant performance capacities made it a printer worth considering. This Samsung CLP-775ND Color Laser Printer review will tell you more.

The CL-775DN Printer can be readily connected to other electronic gadgets via the Ethernet or by USB. Setting it up is fairly easy for both Macs and PCs systems. The control panel and driver are automatic, promoting convenience not found in other brands. The control panel consists of monochrome LCD at a four-line configuration complete with a straightforward array of selection and navigation buttons.

The Samsung CLP-775ND Printer is readily designed for high-volume use. Its standard features include an automatic duplexing system, a 500-sheet input tray, an additional 100-sheet multipurpose tray that can be accessed via the front panel, and an output tray capable of holding up to 350 sheets. You can also consider adding tone trays or bottom-mounted feeder trays that can hold up to 500 sheets at a time. Generally, the machine is of a sturdy construction. You can be certain it can perform heavy-duty tasks anytime.

A few concerns though were pointed out on the design revolving the transfer belt. It is exposed whenever the front panel of the printer will be opened for access of the toner cartridges. You can accidentally drop a cartridge on it if you are not careful.

Speed is another good news when considering purchasing the CLP-775ND Printer. The machine is equipped with a dual-core processor set at 600MHZ with a 384MB memory (in which you can upgrade up to 896MB anytime) allowing you to produce texts at a whopping 18.1 pages per minute. It can come up with 17.5 pages per minute on the Mac system, 3 to 4 pages faster than other average printers with the same variety in the market these days. It also performs better with snapshot-sized photos at 3.9 pages per minute. This should make you happy since it is already well above today’s averages.

While the speed features are outstanding, you cannot say the same with its performance outputs. The texts look decent enough, except for the monochrome graphics. The color images tend to have a noticeably grainy background complete with an orange tinge. However, the color control functions made available by the driver should help improve the overall results.

Having an economically viable toner is among the major highlights of the Samsung CLP-775ND Printer. You will receive a 3,500-page starter cartridge upon purchase. Afterwards, you can simply worry yourself with the sole replacement cartridge capable of a 7,000-page yield at $125 for the black cartridge and $182 for the magenta, yellow and cyan cartridges.

With this Samsung CLP-775ND Color Laser Printer review, you will also come to realize the greater benefits offered to you with its fast color laser-printing feature combined with cost effective feasibility. Get yours now.

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