Samsung CLP-670ND Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Samsung CLP-670ND Printer Review

The Samsung CLP-670ND is known in the market to be an effective and robust color laser printer complete with the cost-saving standard duplex print, a well reasonable above-average print quality and speed capability consideration. The printing costs are felt in the middle, though things get better when printing with color, and it has that printer feeling you can trust and leave it to its job. This Samsung CLP-670ND Printer Review will tell you more.

People nowadays are already learning to appreciate the advantages of using color laser printing since it brings so many things to the prints. Such machine types offer a good low-cost alternative from the more expensive printer types available in the market these days. The Samsung CLP-670ND is just perfect for medium-sized office printing requirements.

The Samsung CLP-670ND is a big block of a printer with dark and stylish grey sides and light grey fronts. Even with its considerable dimensions, you may still have to flip out the paper support located at the back, which can well support over 100mm of printed sheets. Some people often feel the need to add data sockets on the side to the printer since it can be pushed against walls – this is not necessary all the time though because of overhang issues, plus the fact that the main plugs are situated at the back.

The control panel feature is considered minimalist, yet bold. Simple buttons to power up the machine and are available, along with other functions. It features a four-way ring designed for menu navigation and effect. The 16-character LCD display comes without backlight, though it does not matter that much since the characters are still perfectly readable on normal overhead lighting angles.

A notable 250-sheet input tray reveals itself just below the front panel. The machine also has an optional tray with the same 250-sheet capacity that can be easily fitted underneath. Additionally, an inset located on the front panel can be made to fold down and act as a 100-sheet multi-purpose tray. With a novel arrangement, the guides will slot themselves in place when swinging downwards, while front panel slots can be flipped open to provide easy access.

The Samsung CLP-670ND provides for a postscript level 3 in emulation together with PCL 6 drivers. It features a printer-monitoring tablet and Webpage print utility system. It comes with a CD support for both Windows and OS X configurations upon purchase.

The printer is capable of performing 24 pages per minute in both color and plain black prints. It comes with a duplexer built into it, making the Samsung CLP-670ND capable of chewing out 9.5 prints in a single minute. This not really considered a great feat since the paper must be fully ejected first before positioned on the other side.

Overall, the printer is designed for accommodating business documents, which means color output is directed towards graphics enhancements. The machine is particularly good at this, efficiently producing bright and smart colors, ideal for making charts and graphs. With this Samsung CLP-670ND Printer Review, you can learn more.

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