Recovering Crashed ASUS BIOS During Update

Tue, Mar 1, 2011


One of the major causes of stress is technology. Not knowing what to do when the bad time happens is plain cruelty to sanity. So before you crash your own health to pieces, better gear up with some specific tips on recovering crashed ASUS BIOS during update.

First of all, have the supply that you will be needing within hands reach before you get down to business. The ASUS motherboard comes with a support CD that can be found inside the box if you have not thrown it out yet. It is supposed to have inside it the ASUS CrashFree utility for recovering BIOS that has gone berserk. Put the CD into the optical drive and restart the computer. With the CD inside, the system should be able to detect the BIOS utility start on the recovery process. When it is detected successfully and the recovery has finished, you should be able to see BIOS post on the screen.

However, during times of tripled insanity, you might just remember that during your crazed spring cleaning you happened to dispose of that precious box and the CD. And now, you cannot locate the CD anymore. Breathe and do not panic. You can still revive your crashed BIOS via other means and it is surprisingly fairly easy. Just follow these easy steps to be able to give birth anew to your motherboard and relish using it once again.

Do you know the model of the motherboard in your computer, or better yet the BIOS file name that your motherboard is loaded with? If not, then get a thumb drive and plug it into the USB drive of the computer with crashed BIOS. As the computer identifies and reads the USB device, you will see on the screen the exact BIOS file that the motherboard model is trying to search for it to be able to run again. Just copy the filename as you will have to search and download this over the net.

Once you have downloaded the BIOS file, saved it on your thumb drive. Do not be alarmed if the file you have downloaded carries a different file name. Just rename it exactly similar to the BIOS file that you are supposed to put into the crashed computer.

Now you’re all set for the big job. Turn on the crashed computer again if you have turned it off before. You will see the same display as the computer locates missing BIOS file. Insert the thumb drive containing the downloaded BIOS file into the crashed computer and it should be able to read the thumb drive and locate the downloaded good BIOS file. With that done successfully, it will attempt to erase the corrupted BIOS file and start programming the downloaded one. If this goes through smoothly, you will get instruction on the screen to re-start the computer. Just do what it says and in a short while the screen should display the BIOS post right in front of you. That is how simple and easy it is.

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