Origin EON 17-S Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Origin EON 17-S Laptop Review

Excellent mobile performance is the trend nowadays. It is always about how to bring the power of a fully equipped desktop computer anywhere your work takes you. The Origin EON17-S is one of the breakthroughs in high definition graphic performance, especially today that three dimensional graphics (3D) has reached its peak of popularity (because the first time that 3D was launched in the 90s it did not receive the same enthusiastic approval from the general audience).

The Origin EON17-S Laptop has a highly defined vision in its 1080P wide screen, a stunning design for a 17.3 inch wide laptop. This screen is an engineered feature with LED (Light Emitting Diode) back – lit technology responsible for the production of breath – taking images from 3D photos, fast – paced video games and latest Blue – ray movies. The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of the EON17-S does not include the Nvidia’s Optimus technology, which makes up for the discrete yet still powerful GPU.

If you get past the generic look, you will see that the core processing unit works better compared to the average laptop. The Origin EON17-S Laptop has a 2.5GHz Core i7-2920XM that can run as fast as 4.5GHz (and that is in the Turbo-Boost Mode). The fast processing of the system came from the over-locking modifications made by team Origin PC. The EON17-S also has data storage and security systems that will ensure safety for your files. Storage will no longer be a problem because of its built – in RAID storage options. Apart from the additional drive support, there is also an additional optical drive that can be enabled for enhanced performance. The only downside, however, of the discrete GPU and the high – performing CPU is the background noise. The fan noise is loud enough to distract the user even if the system is idle.

Others may think that the bulk is not really necessary, but all in all it is purposely designed as it is. After all, a full size keyboard can offer maximum room for work and play. There is also a built – in audio interface of 7.1 High definition. The interactive touch-pad features a multi – gesture and scrolling function for additional usability. A built – in microphone can also capture just the right audio feedback if needed. Origin PC built these tools specifically for the Origin EON17-S Laptop.

Another thing to note would be the fact, the Origin PC team made sure that whatever the user needs the laptop can provide so they offer more than ythe basic features that people could want. This means that the owner can configure his or her laptop with the best mobile components being offered by Origin PC. These mobile components can include a fingerprint reader, an HDTV tuner and the wireless network card Intel Centrino Ultimate-N. Once you officially own an Origin PC product, they offer an online and phone support system that connects their customers to their staff who are trained in their professions. And to top it all this support system is being offered with no additional payments.

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