OKI Printing Solutions C330dn Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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OKI Printing Solutions C330dn Printer Review

The OKI C330dn Printer utilizes a top-notch laser-like technology that is surprisingly priced competitively for small workgroups and offices. When compared with the other LED and color laser printer brands proliferating in the market these days however, the OKI C330dn fell short on the color quality aspect and toner costs. However, you can learn of other great things that can easily offset such shortcomings, making it more competitive than ever. Learn it all here with the OKI Printing Solutions C330dn Printer Review.

The OKI C330dn Printer can be installed quickly with the PC platform, though you may be having a hard time with the Mac installation. You will be required to open several folders and select unusual installation packages. It is worth noting though that the printer will automatically add itself to attached USBs. The OKI general system wittingly offers downloadable updates, which should eliminate the need for unnecessary support frameworks for the driver system.

Speed capabilities are just rated at an average for small workgroups. When printing, the pages contain texts for the most part with a few grayscale graphics. It can perform at an average of 15.2 pages per minute (PPM) on PC platforms while on the Mac, it can accomplish a decent 13.7 pages per minute. Four-page PDFs with a color and text mix can accomplish 4.6 pages per minute. When aiming for small photos with the PC platform, you can get 3 plain paper pages per minute and 2.4 pages when using glossy paper. Larger and high-resolution photos on the Mac are at 1 page-per-minute output at best.

Output quality is also another concern here. The texts look crisp, black and a bit shiny to begin with, but the color graphics shows something else. This part shows noticeable grainy and banding features. There are also instances when flesh tones will appear cartoonish and blushing. Grayscale areas also seemed to look a bit brownish, but if you modify your driver into the standard mode, you can be certain to get true gray results. These are decently passable for mainstream business graphics, though it may not be your best bet when dealing with photos.

The OKI C330dn Printer’s configurations are best designed to for a small office setup, though it also has good options for expansion operations. Whenever caught up in high workloads, you can readily add a bottom tray capable of holding 550 pages. Standard paper handling is carried out with the 250-sheet bottom-mounted tray, a multipurpose tray that carries 100 sheets, and an output tray capable of carrying 150 sheets.

The front control panels, which include a monochrome two-line LCD complete with a cursor rocker button, are consistent and easy to use. The same can also be said with the color or gamma correction utilities and the printer driver component.

The toner cost is another story. At an average, you can secure for yourself a black toner cartridge at $97.60 for its standard 3,500-page output. The cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges can cost you up to $146.30 apiece. Get to know more valuable detains with this OKI Printing Solutions C330dn Printer review.

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