OKI Printing Solutions B710dn Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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OKI Printing Solutions B710dn Printer Review

It is OKI to be in the middle and yet be at the top.

There are times when you just want the faster laser printer that prints cheap, fast and easy to use. The OKI Printing Solutions B710dn Printer Review that is given shows what a near perfect printer should possess so that it gives the most value for the price that you pay for it. The printer costs somewhat in the middle of most printer in its class, and it is a monochrome printer, so you do not need to buy separate color toners for this one, just one black toner, which by the way is good for 15,000 pages.

The toner is actually a combination toner and drum, so you replace both each time you change toner. Most printers only replace the toner, with the drum replaced separately. Preferences aside, the printer give better value if you can print this much on just one cartridge. There is a downside to this as the OKI Printing Solutions B710dn Printer Review version that was tested has no option for an even bigger toner option, unlike most other laser printers that you can buy.

In fact, only the 15,000 page toner is available for this model. This is a bit small nit picking since the printer packs a lot of features for printing in the office environment. It has the usual features you would find in laser printer, with usb ports, Ethernet ports and serial and parallel ports that you can add for connecting to a whole variety of equipment that you may need to connect it to and print.

The print speed is not bad as well. It prints at a blistering 22 ppm. Perfect for printing good quality office documents and even a bit of black and white graphics prints. The only thing that we noticed was the quality of the prints using different drivers. The printer can be used with either PCL driver or a postscript driver. Print quality suffers when printing using the PCL drivers but switching to Postscript driver eliminated this problem.

There is also a small undocumented problem with the double sided printing. Being undocumented, there is not mention of this feature in the manual and you have to consult with technical support or at least search for the instructions in the company website in order to properly activate this feature. These little faults do not, in any way, reduce the value of the printer when it comes to the office environment.

As we all know, it is how expensive or cheap the operating cost of the printer is on the real world environment that dictates if a printer has a good value. The price of the printer is in the middle ground between the cheapest and the most expensive printers, but do not let that price fool you; this printer packs more value than the more expensive printers of its class.

If only documentation about the double sided printing feature was indicated in the manual. Aside from that, the OKI Printing Solutions B710dn Printer Review that was done revealed that you do not have to have an expensive printer to get more value out of your money, or vice versa.

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