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Wed, Mar 2, 2011

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When it comes to the best and most tested antivirus software in town, the Norton brand is at the top of the list. This is one of the oldest antivirus programs in the market and a lot of people rely upon its quality and effectiveness. Surely you do not want to gamble on brand new softwares. Although some people would tell you that it is always nice to try out new brands but you cannot really be so sure about this. Millions of people nationwide prefer to use the Norton because the coverage of the protection is very wide. The Norton can detect even the viruses that are camouflaged as useful files. Other softwares cannot do that and so they cannot give you the right protection that you need. Can you imagine the feeling if you are not protected by Norton. You may not be able to surf the World Wide Web properly because of the fear that you might click on the wrong site and viruses will start coming in. Bugs are very dangerous because once they are inside your system; they can just hide anywhere among the files and even among the software programs.

It is always good to prepare for these viruses which can attack all of a sudden. Always remember that prevention is betten than having your computer repaired. Such repairs can be very costly. While other antivirus softwares support only a few types of browsers, it is good to note that Norton is completing its task to serve all the users of computers. This is the reason why Norton supports many browsers. Some of these browsers are chrome, safari and of course the widely used yahoo messenger to name a few. If you have the Norton installed, you can surf all the sites that you want and you may also download anything from the internet. The Norton will be able to recognize any virus immediately. This is what is best about this product. The moment it spots the virus, it will immediately give you the notice. It will not wait until the bug enters your computer. The Norton boasts of its SONAR technology. This is the latest about the Norton software. The acronym SONAR means Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response.

The SONAR observes what will happen to viruses if they were able to enter the computer itself. It is like windows emulator which can copy the program exactly as it is. This way you will also be informed about the risk you are taking if you let a particular malvare or spyware enter your computer programs. It can be hard to clean some viruses once they are in. The best remedy really is to have protection and Norton gives that protection to you. You can compare the Norton with a soldier’s bullet proof vest. The soldier cannot just go to war without his vest otherwise bullets will penetrate into his body and that would surely cause his death. If the soldier wears the vest, bullets cannot harm him. Now you see how important it is for you to have the Norton antivirus software.

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