MSI X460DX-006US Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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MSI X460DX-006US Laptop Review

MSI X460DX-006US Laptop Review sites give the latest review on the popular notebook type laptop. This gadger is perfect for college students and users that simple would want a portable personal computer for typing, browsing and storing purposes. The MSI X460DX-006US Laptop is also an affordable model and is very portable because of its size having been designed to be a lightweight modeled notebook. This is a perfect budget laptop and is capable for performing normal day to day activities on a computer.

The MSI X460DX-006US Laptop is a light weight slim modeled laptop, almost a one inch thick laptop. Easy for users to carry around and for portable use, however the battery life of the laptop does not last as long as most laptops and notebooks. This notebook has a battery life of about three to four hours, for longer use it should be connected to a socket. The notebook has two USB ports, which can be used for plug-ins such as external USB devices, webcams etc. It also has a HDMI out socket. The laptop will not be as high-end as most branded laptops but the aesthetics can pass for a quality laptop. The lid of the device is made of aluminum, which is very appealing to the eye. However, the problem with a brushed aluminum lid is that it shows the marks left by users—fingerprint marks. Other than fingerprint marks, the aluminum lid can be easily scratched by sharp objects. Having a silicon cover would help protect the outer covering.

MSI X460DX-006US Laptop Review sites often review the parts of the laptop such as the keyboards. The keyboards of the MSI X460DX-006US Laptop is good for typing, however the keys are stiff at times. Another problem found by users is the response of the mouse pad and pointer to a user. The mouse navigator usually takes a few seconds to response to movement on the mouse pad. This is sometimes a problem for most users and the cursor pad is also not as smooth compared to other notebooks. On the bright side of the MSI X460DX-006US Laptop however, the display quality and feature are somewhat good. The fourteen inched LCD is large enough and has a resolution of 1366 by 768, which is gives off detailed displays and images and only a few reflections.

MSI X460DX-006US Laptop Review sites also acknowledge the audio and display features. The audio is too low for most users and cannot be heard with other noises. Therefore, with the low quality of the built-in speakers, external speakers are needed to enhance the audio of the laptop. Watching videos on the MSI X460DX-006US Laptop however would show smooth video streaming and quality though there be some scenes that would not show as high definition. The MSI X460DX-006US Laptop may not the latest of today’s technological gadgets. It may not have the best audio and display functions or the best in aesthetics but the laptop is certainly well rounded. It is enough for simple to medium tasks and can be bought at an affordable price.

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