Lenovo H320 Desktop PC Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Lenovo H320 Desktop PC Review

Desktop computers are definitely overshadowed by the rise of laptops and tablets today. Unlike these compact machines, desktop computers are for indoor use only; nobody wants to carry a computer that comes in separate units with all those bulgy wires attached. Nonetheless, there is a desktop computer that sports a modern look that is just nice to brag about whenever at home, it’s called Lenovo H320 Desktop PC.

Lenovo has been one of the most trusted brands of computers in the market. Its utmost dedication to excellence since its establishment on 1988 and its acquisition of IBM’s personal computer manufacture has led to its continuous success. H320 Desktop PC by Lenovo is guaranteed to be a product of expertise.

H320 Desktop PC is priced at $ 699.00. This is considered affordable for a quality desktop computer.

H320 Desktop PC has a modern design that will be an added show-off to anyone’s house. Its slim body is in line with the current trend of compact computers, unlike other bulky brands. Its chassis is a combination of plastic and matte-aluminum with a trace of metal in it. In addition to this, it is user friendly; user can open it easily when doing upgrades. It also has the standard CPU fan for ventilation.

Aside from 3.2GHz Intel i5-650 processor and a 6GB RAM, H320 Desktop PC features the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium, a Blu-ray drive, an Nvidia GeForce 310 discrete graphics card, and support for 5.1 surround sound. A multiformat card reader bay and two USB 2.0 ports are found at the front of the chassis along with other tools like microphone and headphone jacks. Found at the back of the chassis are DSL port, HDMI port, VGA connections and four additional USB 2.0 ports. Two PS/2 jacks are also included for mouse and keyboard connection.

The best thing about Lenovo H320 Desktop PC is its budget friendly price. It is not very common to find a deal that offers a complete package for just less than $ 700.00. What’s more is that for such a low price, customers can own a computer with a sleek space saving design. Because it is modern and compact it is less likely to create clutters at the computer table.

However, H320 Desktop PC still has some things to improve on. It does not have a WIFI feature that is somewhat disappointing as many PC users opt to use this feature for internet connectivity. Aside from this, it also fell short in providing wider selection of ports, which is another common commodity of PC users. With these absences, customer may find other budget computers more practical to purchase. And because it is considered as a budget computer, users can expect an average performance from H320 Desktop PC.

All in all, Lenovo H320 Desktop PC is a good purchase for buyers who are on a budget. Based on its appearance though, it may seem as it costs higher, which is a plus factor. But because it is considered a budget computer, buyers would rather not expect a heavy duty performance from this one as compared to other powerful yet pricey computers. Still, H320 Desktop PC can deliver just the right amount of performance satisfaction to its users.

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