HTC Sensation 4G Cell Phone Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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HTC Sensation 4G Cell Phone Review

HTC, along with a number of service providers in the US, announced the arrival of the HTC Sensation 4G in April 2011. However, techies and curious people had to wait for at least two months for a full HTC Sensation 4G cell phone review, because it was not until June when the model was finally available in the market. With the smartphone market flooded with many models from various makers, does the HTC Sensation 4G still have a place?

Fortunately, yes. The first generation of HTC Sensation made quite an impact on people who did not want to join the iPhone versus Samsung Galaxy bandwagons. The initial features of the Sensation are there to make Smartphone fans take a second look – a qHD display measuring 4.3 inches and a processor with a 1.2 GHz speed. If that’s not enough, the fairly reasonable price of the unit with a bundled phone plan for two years is really worth noticing. Let us look deeper into the specifics of the phone.

In terms of software and user interface, the phone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, coupled with HTC Sense in its latest version. From the interface alone, one will already notice the new features. The lock screen of the first generation Sensation already shows time and date with other vital stats, but the most notable additions are the shortcuts to the user’s four favorite apps. Phone, messages, mail and camera are the four default shortcuts, but they can be changed through time or through the Personalize menu of the phone. The screen can now also be personalized with any picture on the photo gallery, or with stock or weather information, or even a friend stream.

Similar with the HTC Flyer is the 3D carousel that can be experienced once the phone is unlocked. The seven home screens can be easily flipped though instead of each panel being swiped. Wireless and other settings can be managed though a tab on the notification tray. Each message can now be previewed though the mail widget, while the photo gallery widget has been enhanced with an effect that resembled a flip board.

As for design, the HTC is a very worthy challenger in the competition for sleekness initiated by Apple and Samsung. The chassis is made of unibody aluminum with construction that is streamlined. Central to the design of the phone is the touch-screen device measuring 4.3 inches. The HTC wins design-wise as it maintains a classic smooth line and does not appear bulky compared to other phones with the same large screen. Another interesting design detail is the phone’s tapered edges, which makes it look more compact and solid when held.

The touchscreen is quite responsive, with its scrolling and pinch-zooming features reliable. Although the Galaxy and iPhone still lead image and text sharpness, the Sensation can hold its own. Users can input text through the phone’s virtual keyboards. HTC has supplied the phone with Trace, which functions like Swype on other phones. The left side of the phone holds a port for Micro-USb and volume control. The power button and a 3.5 mm headphone jack are on top with a camera below them. The other more powerful 8MP camera with dual LED flash is at the back. The right side of the phone has no controls.

This HTC Sensation 4G cell phone review will not be complete without looking into the features and performance. GPS, WiFi, voice dialing, speakerphone, video calling, Bluetooth and video calling are all present. WiFi calling is also possible, depending on the user’s service provider. Among the apps included are Peep Twitter of HTC, Slacker, Lookout and Polaris Office.

HTC Listen is currently in beta but will provide direct downloads of music albums and tracks. The service is powered by MusicStation, but again, we weren’t exactly wowed by the selection. Fortunately, the Amazon MP3 Store is available to help you get your music fix. HTC says it will provide more details on HTC Watch and HTC Listen when the Sensation 4G launches on June 15.

Lastly, the performance of the HTC Sensation 4G as a close to tablet device is good, although data speeds can still be improved. Its performance as a phone is highly reliant on the service provider, but there have not been a lot of complaints on the quality of calls, although the speakerphone volume can be enhanced.

This HTC Sensation 4G cell phone review will conclude that due to its beautiful design and functional interface, it is a definite good buy. For those overly conscious of data speeds and Android performance, there are better options, though the Sensation is still a very viable option.

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