HTC Evo 3D Cell Phone Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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HTC Evo 3D Cell Phone Review

HTV Evo 3D Cell Phone Review and customer feedbacks have directed the concentration of their constructive as well as off-putting criticisms towards either the three dimensional to the other significant features of the HTV Evo cell phone. With this model of mobile phone, pictures taken can have more concentration. The camera for the Evo 3D phone can take photos and videos three dimensionally without having to use 3D eyeglasses to view them. The nice-looking 4.3 inches qHD display provides sharp look of websites online, clear and vibrant images, and exceptionally sinuous videos. For a more in-depth examination, the cell phone has dual 5 megapixel cameras at the back. Apparently, the pictures and videos that have been taken in 3D can also be seen two-dimensionally. Not like some other smartphones, this one has a physical shutter button for the camera that has two pressure levels. Its qHD display has very fine, good quality graphics since its screen resolution is at 540×960. The phone has dual core Snapdragon processor.

People who had bought the item and provided feedbacks through HTV Evo 3D Cell Phone Review have never talked about the processor hanging or freezing. The company facilitated a number of enhancements like exceedingly rapid boot which allegedly hold back certain market applications. Anyhow, this can be rendered inoperative through the settings of the unit. It has adequately physically big battery. With 1730 mAh battery capacity, it does not last more than ten hours. Its three dimensional feature drains the battery at one percent every minute and display as well is a power drainer. The camera for some users does not take the photos fast enough particularly those 3D ones. The glass of the camera smears easily when you grip the phone in hand which can mess up a number of shots in 3D. The phone can record almost perfect videos and there is no need to be anxious about capturing imperfect videos of the most important people in your lives during unexpected moments. There is a noticeable improvement wherein the user can zoom in as well as refocus by merely touching the screen on the part to be refocused in the course of taking videos. This is actually a great feature. Videos can also be saved now in MP4 format including 3D videos unlike with the other model previously which uses 3GP.

HTV Evo 3D Cell Phone Review raves about having fast dual-core speeds, being the extreme entertainment mobile phone that a lot of customers believe has elegant design. Nevertheless, it also is a three dimensional cool gadget but too attention-grabber and the quality in terms of call is uneven. Even with this quality, the Evo 3D is still the most favoured smartphone in the market by Sprint. It is also a positive attribute the phone offers other nice features other than having a three dimensional display. This device appears to be a very powerful cellular phone gadget whether or not it has 3D display or not; although, with 3D display it is pleasurable to get to see videos and take pictures and certainly it remains as one innovative device. In addition, its distinctive design is remarkable. The amalgamated 4G together with dual-core processors show practical usage that bested others. It definitely proves to be the most favoured and useful phone offered by Sprint and an excellent derivation of the previous Evo model.

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