HP Pavilion s5660f Desktop PC Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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HP Pavilion s5660f Desktop PC Review

HP Pavilion S5660F desktop PC is the best living-room slim tower PC available right now in the market. It almost has every feature you are looking for in a computer. The performance is great with a Blu-ray drive. It also has a high-definition support. The dimension is only 16” x 4.5” x 12.25” fit, just a bit larger than the original edition of Xbox 360 or Sony Playstation 3. Its price is very reasonable to its performance, besides, it is one of the less expensive PC of its class.

It is packaged with a 2.9GHz Phemon II840T quad-core CPU. The processor is also joined with 6GB 1,333MHz DDR3 memory. It also has 1TB hard drive at 7,200 rpm, and a Blu-ray/DVD burner combo drive fitted in its small frame. It also supports Wireless-N connectivity. About the graphics, it has 512 MB ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card.

On the exterior of S5660F, the connections are designed well aside from its simple setup of 2 USB ports and a multiformat card reader on the front of the tower. The back of this PC has 4 USB ports, DVI and HDMI connections on integrated Intel video setup, coaxial audio connection, 7.1 integrated surround sound, and a Fast Ethernet connection. Although it does not have eSATA and FireWire, it was replaced by putting a full TV tuner into the mix. You will be able to pull in live TV if connected with a compatible input cable.

The HP Pavilion S5660F desktop PC also comes with a wireless mouse, and also a wireless keyboard. Having a wireless mouse and keyboard is a very big advantage of this desktop PC to other competitors with cord-bound keyboard and mouse.

The S5660F PC is not advisable for hardware upgrade or any part. This is because there is no much room for any adjustment inside the machine. There are also no free PCI slots. Aside from these, the price is very reasonable to its components. The size of the chassis has been used wisely by including HDMI port.

HP Pavilion S5660F desktop PC has lots of advantage compared to other desktop PC of their class. The S5660F gives you all the features you ever wanted in a living-room friendly slim desktop computer. Rounded with features of digital media, it is obviously best with home entertainment. It can play HD videos and most 3D games. It can also give you a fast computing performance, having an excellent price to performance ratio.

In selecting a desktop PC, if your primary concern is size, the S5660F is the best option as long as you do not need to add additional connection options and networking potential. But based on what it primarily offers like Blu-ray support, HDMI accessibility, TV tuner, and best performance, S5660F is very ready for your living room in a rational price. S5660F is remarkably pleasing and can be recommended effortlessly to someone who’s trying to add the freedom of computer-based media into the set up of their home entertainment.

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