HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Review

The HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop is one of HP’s latest models. Many HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Review sites have been created to give buyers the basic user information about the gadget. The HP pavilion dv6 Laptop is the latest of the three laptop designs released by HP. The new release has a new look and seems to attract many customers with the functionality and sleek new design. The laptop has a larger hard disk, which allows more memory space and the power and performance of the computer has upgraded for business people who need long battery life for their laptops.

HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Review sites will give the latest on the software and new devices installed within the laptop. The HP pavilion dv6 is a real cutting edge technology gadget. The laptop has new software programs running within and it has a built-in fingerprint reader. Unlike most laptops that need passwords keyed in for an account to start working, the HP pavilion dv6 has a fingerprint sensor that is used as an unlocking device. The built in fingerprint reader can be setup to identify only your fingerprint with a password. The setup requires pressing all fingers, except the small fingers, for identification and memorization processes of the fingerprint reader. The only problem with the fingerprint reader was the sensory process. Usually there should be a particular pattern when swiping or pressing your finger to the reader. Make sure that you press hard enough and that your fingers are clean.

As part of the aesthetics of the laptop, the HP pavilion dv6 has a computer light that lights up its logo, which is found on the lid of the laptop. This new laptop light feature is helpful when turning off the laptop. It easily determines when your laptop is fully off or if some processors are running. This is way, before removing the hard disk; users can make sure that the laptop is off. Other than that the lid light also adds a great effect to the brand new laptop. The laptop also has a few other features such as its mouse pad. The mouse pad has an installed switch that is found between the mouse pad and the keyboard. This particular button is used to turn the mouse pad on and off. Some people might find this feature useful especially when typing. It prevents the mouse pointer to move around when typing.

Other HP pavilion dv6 review sites would give honest reviews from owners of the laptop brands. Most are greatly impressed by the audio quality of the laptop. Most laptops have built in speakers that are loud enough for users. However, the HP pavilion dv6 laptop has upgraded the laptop speakers, these speakers can be seen around the keyboard in between the screen. The audio is louder than the normal laptop speaker. To sum up the features of the HP pavilion dv6, it is an excellent laptop to have. There is nothing much to complain about the laptop. It also comes with an excellent operating system that is simple to learn and use.

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