HP EliteBook 2560p Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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HP EliteBook 2560p

The exceptional sturdiness of the HP EliteBook 2560p laptop is considered to be one of its most desirable qualities aside from the fact that it has almost all of the standard features of a good and effective ultra-portable laptop. This laptop model is proven to be well built for business and personal use. It has a slim form with a weight of 3.6 pounds so it is possible for you to bring it even if you are on travel. The good thing about this laptop model is that it can perform a lot of functions. You can also expect it to come with an executive-chic design so expect to feel like a real professional when you carry it with you. Its built is also proven to be capable of withstanding a fair amount of long use and abuse so you have a guarantee that it will never be easily damaged. The device is also installed with useful features such as a DVD drive, a long battery life and a serious security suite.

The color selection and aluminum exterior of the EliteBook 2560p is somehow based on a laptop model from Apple. It comes with minimal indicator lights, silver tone and clean lines that are quite similar to the Apple MacBook Pro. The only difference is that the large battery of the EliteBook 2560p sticks out from the back. A lot of people find the designs of this model aesthetically appealing. The good thing about this laptop model is that it has undergone vigorous testing in order to determine if it is capable of withstanding harsh elements such as dust and damp and extremely cold and hot environments. This gives you a hundred percent guarantee that it stays protected even with regular and heavy use.

HP EliteBook 2560p laptop is proven to be a good choice because it is said to comprise almost all of the features that you need from an ultra-portable laptop. It comes with a DVD burner, 3 USB 2.0 ports, VGA, RJ11 modem jack, Ethernet and ExpressCard slot. You can also expect this laptop model to be installed with a fingerprint reader and a SmartCard and these are useful in keeping your files protected. The device is also installed with a display port and this is designed to effectively stream both video and audio into an external flat panel. Other features that you can find in this device are wireless connections such as Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth and WiMax.

EliteBook 2560p laptop also has a highly commendable performance. It comes with a dual core processor that is installed with a hyper threading feature. This feature permits the handling of four-threads all at the same time. This allows your device to perform faster and multi-task. EliteBook 2560p laptop can perform a lot of functions including a variety of office works, video encoding and photo editing.

If you are currently in search of an ultra-portable laptop that is versatile enough to perform a wide array of functions and can last for a few years, then you should go for the HP EliteBook 2560p laptop model. The good thing about buying this device is that it comes with a warranty of three years and a good customer service.

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