HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn Printer Review

The CP4025dn printer by HP with its fast performance and smooth print quality features is considered one of the best products to have come out in the market these days. This HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn printer review will tell you more.

This HP offering is a workgroup laser printer with all the color and speed features anyone can ask for. It may not be as fast as other top brands out there, but it reportedly costs much cheaper. The toner costs are very affordable too. The thing is, it’s among fastest color laser printers to date. Plain-text pages can flow into the tray at a good 19.4 pages in just a minute, while the graphic speeds is a marvel on its own with 6.2 pages per minute for every simple image you can throw at it and 1.8 pages per minute for better photo quality using special paper. Print quality is highly satisfactory. The photographic image results tend to have a greenish to a slightly darker tinge, more pronounced on grayscale samples.

When pitted against Mac systems, CP4025dn printer is considerably limited down to an average of 7.7 pages per minute for printing text functions and 2.3 pages per minute for graphic printing. What’s cool about this though is that print quality remains consistent when compared to the PC platform, which is generally smooth and natural looking. The few and overly dark areas are easy to ignore at all angles.

The CP4025dn HP Color LaserJet Printer is generally designed to perform large-volume and heavy-duty printing with its monthly duty cycle of about a 100,000 pages. It comes with a 512MB memory storage capability, which you can upgrade up to 1GB anytime.

In cases where the standard 500-sheet tray and the multi-purpose tray at the sides are not enough, you can readily add a wheeled base complete with another 500-sheet tray and a paper storage cabinet for only $499. The output tray features a spring-loaded panel in the bottom part that automatically lowers itself whenever papers start accumulating in – simply a great design convenience.

A front panel system opens up to offer access to integrated toner drums/cartridges. Another panel on the right side of the machine is positioned to provide efficient paper-path access. On-board controls are generally intuitive, with the menus properly displayed on the color LCD to provide easy navigation. Its Web-based interface feature is another great addition you can enjoy.

The CP4025dn of the Color LaserJet Enterprise can only be used with the toner cartridges made specifically for it. Black color cartridges capable of printing 8,500 pages costs about $158, while the cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges, capable of providing you with 11,000 pages can be yours for only $268. These figures are very economical in the printing industry, and should not be a problem to your business at all.

Bottom line is, with this HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn printer review, you can be sure this wonder will satisfy your need for speed and printing wonders. This printer is just right for the time when everyone is looking for lower costs on per page basis.

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