How Do I Extend My Laptop’s Battery Life?

Sat, Dec 24, 2011


Extend Your Laptops Battery Life

Read this article entitled “How do I extend my laptop’s battery life?” in order for you to know the possible solutions to your problem. You may find yourself stuck in a long wait in the lobby and the only thing that could save you from absolute boredom is by burying your face in front of the screens of your laptops – while trying to avoid the awkward chit chats with other strangers. For many people, this is the ultimate guide to entertain yourself. However, there is one flaw to this seemingly effective way of avoiding boredom – your battery. Luckily for you, there are numerous ways for you to follow and consider to try to preserve and extend the life of your battery an extra hour or so.

Removing the battery from the laptop before using it is a good and recommended practice. However, doing so may bring hassle to the user because of the changes needed to be constantly made especially if the laptop is consistently brought from place to place. As a result, most people use their laptops plugged in an AC power with the battery inside still running. This practice is proven to be fatal for the battery’s life because of the heat that is emitted by the laptop. This heat can shorten the life of the battery and the heat coming from the battery does not do anything good to the laptop itself. What is even worse is that this practice creates a drain and recharge cycle for the battery which is harmful and wears out the battery. And that is exactly why the following tip is highly recommended for most of the laptop users around. Before using the laptop, pull the battery out. This means that you have to use your laptop with the AC power plugged in without the battery. In this way, you are avoiding the wear and tear that the battery is prone to when left inside the unit while plugged in. however, you should only remove the battery when it is turned off. It is not helpful to do it while it is in the hibernate or sleep mode. This complicates everything that is why this dilemma leads the person to ask “How do I extend my laptop’s battery life?”

The next tip is in terms of the internal processes of the laptop. Sometimes, programs and applications installed overdrive the laptop, causing it to consume excessive power from the battery which leads to shorter battery life. In order to avoid this, you may need to eliminate or make some sacrifices. If your OS is Windows, switch it to Power Save mode. You may also want to reduce the backlight brightness so that less energy is consumed, especially if the unit does not have an LED backlight. Additionally, when not needed, switch off the bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is because these programs consume a lot of energy trying to catch any connection available in the airspace. Also, avoid programs such as playing online games and watching DVD’s which require heavy processes as it also eats up the energy of the battery quickly and inefficiently. It is also recommended that you throttle the CPU of your laptop. This allows the users to reduce the speed of their machine’s processors and will prevent the person from asking himself “How do I extend my laptop’s battery life.”

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