Google Developing Real-Time Translation Software for Mobile Phones

Mon, Feb 14, 2011

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Huge Invention From Google

Google is creating a software program for mobile phones that can recognize spoken foreign languages and translate almost instantly. The company says that the software won’t be ready for another couple of years. The software would allow people to call and speak to someone in another country without having to speak any foreign languages. You can still use your native language and be able to effectively communicate to the other person you are talking to on the phone. If it works in the end, this real time translation software will change how people communicate all over the world. There will basically be no need to learn any foreign languages.

The program got its inspiration from Google’s automatic text translation system. The automatic text translation system currently covers 52 languages, adding one of those just here recently. Keep in mind, there is currently over six thousand languages spoken all over the world. Google has a lot of work on their hands. A voice recognition system is already available on smart phones that use the android systems. This voice recognition allows these smart phone users to speak to their phone to search what they are looking for rather than type it in. This software is very useful to those individuals that are always on the road and do not have the time to look down and type on their mobile phones, which in terms causes less vehicle accidents. This real time translation software that Google is developing is expected to understand any language of a callers’ voice and be able to translate it right on the spot without any slow translations. Not any software, including this real-time translation software developed by Google, can translate in real-time. However, this software is expected to analyze groups of words and properly make sure it is providing proper content.

One obstacle that this real-time translation software for mobile phones may have is accuracy. People speak in several accents, pitches, and slang so these Google employees have to work extra hard on the voice recognition software. However, there is good news for this software. After launching, this software will be able to improve once more people all over the world start using it more frequently. Adaptation is an essential with this translation software for mobile phones because languages change so quickly. The software is said to adapt to your own voice once used several times and it is also said to become more accurate this way.

For software to work correctly, Google developers need a combination of high-accuracy machine translations and high-accuracy voice recognition. Well, they have been working on that and still have a long way to go. This is the reason why the launch date is a couple of years. The process in machine translation is said to have had a huge progress here recently. This progress is making Google developers once step closer to being able to launch this new real time translation software for mobile phones.

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