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Fri, Feb 18, 2011

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Gizmo Drive

Gizmo drive software is an absolutely free software program that allows you to create password protected hard disk images and mounting images to virtual drives. This free Gizmo software support several standard image formats such as IMG, BIN, ISO and many more image formats that are commonly used.  Gizmo drive free software has twenty six virtual devices that are available for you to put your images on, which is good so you can mount more images rather than just a few. This free software is used to achieve great performance increase when a CD/DVD-ROM disc is extracted and mounted from the hard drive. For those who do not know what mounting means; When an image downloads, it will ‘mount’,  meaning it will makes it content accessible through the desktop so that the user can either view or install the content just as if were on an actual disk much faster. When the user is finished with the mounted file, also known as a virtual disk, can then be ejected and the mounted image can then be erased.

This Gizmo drive free software is very efficient at freeing up disk space and eliminates the need of having discs scattered all over your computer. ISO is the most popular archive image. Some free software products only work with a select set of archive images which is why the Gizmo drive free software has an advantage since it works with several image archives other than just ISO. The product is easy to handle and also has the ability to mount Microsoft’s VHD.

When downloading the free Gizmo drive software, you are offered a lot of other absolutely free additional add-ons, and as many as you want. A hash calculator and scripting utility are just a name a few of those additional add-ons. You can customize these additional add-ons in every which way; name, theme, placement on screen, show and hide effect options, opacity, usability and other options. This software looks a lot like a Windows Explorer window. There is a history window that lists all of the images that have been mounted, which eliminates you having to search for a specific image each time you want to mount it.

This free Gizmo software gives you the possibility to create hard drives out of your systems’ RAM, which allows fast access to stored data but limits your first computer reboot. This ability can’t usually be found in any other software, including paid ones. You also have image burning capabilities. Burning allows you to choose between burning the contents of an ISO file or contents of a regular file. If you do not like Window’s offer, you can always use the disc burning option. You need to create a tool bar that gives you quick and easy launch of all your software elements. You can create a RAM drive for lightning fast access to your data. Overall, using Gizmo leaves your desktop cleaner and easier to handle.

Download Gizmo Central v2.7.9 (Freeware, 8 MB, Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS)

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