Gateway ID47H02u Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Gateway ID47H02u Laptop Review

The Gateway ID47H02u Laptop has an aluminum made lid, which is stylish and attractive to a user. Most Gateway ID47H02u Laptop Review sites give a high rating on the laptop in terms of durability, aesthetics and performance. The Gateway ID47H02u Laptop is a thin and light weight laptop that is easy to carry around and has a long battery life. These are some of the specs that most users are concerned about when purchasing a laptop. After all, besides the basic features that buyers look for, most people also look at the aesthetic aspects of these portable computers.

The Gateway ID47H02u Laptop has a design that composes of an aluminum made lid, metallic keys on the keyboards and a stylish tinted dark blue touchpad. The LCD has a fourteen inch display that is convenient for watching and streaming videos as well as for high definition images etc. The design is stylish and it attracts many buyers because of its classy and edgy style. Other features of the Gateway ID47H02u Laptop such as the keyboard and mouse pad have passed standards such as the thumb test. This test would prove that the keyboard has a responsive and is fairly spaced throughout the keyboard.

The mouse pad of the Gateway ID47H02u Laptop is highly responsive and it is easy to navigate. The function keys are easily to use as well since they have their own buttons, such as the brightness and other media keys like audio keys. As for the heating of the laptop, according to Gateway ID47H02u Laptop Review sites, the users who have tried video streaming on the laptop were impressed with the heating of the laptop since it never went past eighty Fahrenheit to eighty five Fahrenheit degrees. This is a comfortable temperature for any laptop. The audio and display of the Gateway ID47H02u Laptop is also of high quality. The audio is loud enough to be heard in a room and a user can do without any external speakers. As for the display feature of the Gateway ID47H02u Laptop, the images were crisp and smooth.

Gateway ID47H02u Laptop Review sites also acknowledge the USB ports of the laptop. The ports allow users to connect external drives such as hard disks, external drives and other docks. The left side also supports Ethernet connections and two more additional USB ports. It also has an audio in/out port for external speakers and earphones as well as a HDMI port. The Gateway ID47H02u Laptop is convenient and has a built-in webcam as well. Though the built-in webcam needs lighting for the images to be clear, it is a good device to have on the laptop. To sum up the review, the Gateway ID47H02u Laptop is indeed a good choice for anyone who wants to purchase a laptop. it is affordable and up to date and can be easily managed and used. The laptop itself is stylish and can certainly compete with other laptop brands in the market. It is a good choice of laptop.

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