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Wed, Mar 2, 2011

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One of the best antivirus programs, the G Data AntiVirus software is one of the best guards for PC intended for the heavy user. It’s high-level of security is ideal for seasoned PC users that necessitate complete protection of their data. With an easy-to-use interface and simple navigation system, the software is an excellent protection program to use.

Protection Capabilities

The G Data AntiVirus software is designed to protect computers from both online and offline threats. Offering complete web protection, the program is the internet user’s wall against phishing scams, dialers, malicious scripts, rootkits, Trojans and more. It can also protect users from harmful programs sent through email or IM and even go so far as to check messages sent to other e-mails in case a virus has been attached to the message. This feature is not often seen in most antivirus programs and is extremely valuable in an office setting where sending and receiving files is done on a daily basis.


Its scope of protection is pretty wide and at the same time, the G Data Antivirus software delivers high-intensity security services. One of the remarkable features is the DoubleScan technology which allows the combination of two scanning engines: BitDefender and Avast. By doing this, users can be sure that should one scanner miss a problem, the other one can still spot it. The great thing about this is that even with the DoubleScan technology, scanning rate is still within normal.

The software also came away with an Advanced A+ certification when it comes to third party testers. Even with the double scanning method, the speed is within the normal rate with a 99.6% score when it comes to detecting viruses while Virus Bulletin was so satisfied with the result they labeled G Data with 100% accuracy.

Ease of Use

The program is not only easy to install but comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manipulate. Even new users can have the program running in the background without any problems. Features can be easily seen in the simplified control panel providing a quick overview of the PC’s status plus possible one-click solutions should there be any problems.

Features and Update

Installation takes as little as 10 minutes with regular updates that can be downloaded with just one click of the mouse or even none at all. The G Data Antivirus software updates automatically in the background and can do some without causing connections to slow down as much as possible.

Software features are not as extensive as other antivirus programs which can cover laptop battery life or password protected settings. However, the two types of antivirus engines is the hallmark of the G Data’s features. Some of the additional options for G Data include Heuristic scanning, automatic monitoring or internet traffic and scanning of compressed files.

The antivirus program itself comes with its own help file with a search option for easy answers. Should there be any problems, a phone line support is available although online or chat support s not included in the G Data antivirus perks.

All in all, the G Data Antivirus software is a wonderful program to have both by heavy and new computer users. The added features of plus the level of security provided puts it in the list of top performing antivirus software currently out in the market.

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