Dell Vostro V131 Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Dell Vostro V131 Laptop Review

Dell Vostro V131 laptop is a laptop model that comes with an Intel Core i3/i5 Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor. Its speedy performance is said to be quite impressive. The combination of its form, weight and thickness is perfect for road warriors. You can expect its built is made up of aluminum and this makes the V131 an extremely solid device. Its hinges are made up of zinc while its palm rest is created using magnesium. It also comes with a simple yet elegant matte black or silver color scheme with a touch of chrome around its track pad and keyboard.

One of the best features of the Vostro V131 laptop from Dell is that it is only 1.82 kilograms in weight and 0.83 inches thick. In other words, you can expect the device to be light in weight so you can bring it with you anywhere. It can also easily fit in your bag or backpack. The extremely thin and lightweight nature of V131 can be attributed to the fact that it does not come with an optical drive. However, you have a guarantee that even without the optical drive, the device can still be used to your greatest advantage. The recent technology also makes it possible for you to use a smaller and faster optical drive so you do not need to worry about the absence of the drive in V131.

Dell Vostro V131 laptop comes with an improved interface. You can expect this device to have a powered USB 2.0 port and two super speed USB with 3.0 ports. These ports are extremely useful when it comes to supplying power to the external devices once the laptop is turned off. V131 is also installed with HDMI and VGA and both of these act as video interfaces. It should also be noted that the port arrangement of the V131 model is changed because of its battery. All ports of the device are transferred to the lateral edges at the back. These changes are made to prevent obstructions from the connected cables. The Kensington slot and the power socket can still be expected to remain on their respective places while the card reader is transferred to the right side of the device.

V131 is also installed with a multi-touch pad. The good thing about this touch pad is that you can modify it in order to suit your personal needs. You should also take note of the fact that you can only start to scroll documents using the touch pad once the classic scroll fields that can be found at the right and lower edge of the pad are activated. You will also be required to push your two fingers in order to scroll through the documents. The clear stroke of the touch pad keys is also proven to be impressive. The good thing about this is that you cannot expect the keys to produce a lot of noise once you start to use them.

Dell Vostro V131 laptop can also be expected to have a solid performance. It is equipped with a fast processor and this makes it possible for you to perform certain tasks such as word processing, photo manipulation using Photoshop and web browsing without any performance hitches. Taking all of these into consideration, it is safe to assume that you will definitely enjoy using the V131 model if you decide to buy it.

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