Dell Precision M6600 Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Dell Precision M6600 Laptop Review

There are a lot of laptops available on the market and all have different features and sophisticated designs. Their features either set them above the others or not, but the most important thing when choosing a personal computer is not about what the piece of technology can do for you, but what can you do with the technology. Will you be able to perform with it at your best or will you be productive while working with the kind of gadget that you have in mind? People often make mistakes when choosing the right gadget for them, not critically analyzing the gadgets in front of them.

The Dell Precision M6600 latop is one of those types of computers that are referred to as ‘workstations’. Workstations are not the typical type of laptops people usually are aware of. Workstations are specifically designed to perform at its best with technical and scientific applications. They are high – end type of microcomputers intended to be used by one person at a time only. The M6600 mobile workstation combines the excellent graphic performance and high processing performance. M6600 works with a powerful 2nd generation Intel core processor and several options up to i7 Extreme Edition Intel Core Processors.

Dell Precision M6600 can work in any kind of environment, no matter where your work would require you to be. Even in environments with minimal light, you can still be productive with its back lit keyboard, which will suit your needs. Even if you are travelling you can still keep in touch with your loved ones, through several wireless options: mobile broadband, Bluetooth and even wireless Local Area Network (LAN). Graphic design work is made even better with its interactive tough display that allows for the use of stylus and a four finger touch pad.

For engineers and scientists, workstations are a must. Graphic designing can be an ease because of the professional NVIDIA or AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) with up to 2GB2 memory, and a 4GB2 core processor is still being developed. The NVIDIA Optimus can provide excellent graphic performance when editing photos and when working on video presentations and when not in use it could help extend the life of your battery. The Dell Precision M6600 Laptop maximizes your mobility options because it has several ports and various connectivity options for increased usability.

Another feature offered by the Dell Precision M6600 Laptop is its ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certification. This will ease your mind off worries when technicalities are a problem because of the Premium Support System that Dell offers. With 24/7 telephone access directly to experts and professional technicians who can help you resolve problems in no time. Their ProSupport Feature even offers assistance even if the problem is about non-Dell hardware of software. The M6600 can also help you secure your most valuable documents and assets with its built in data safe back up, their own laptop encryption, a fingerprint scanner and Dell’s very own system recovery and tracking service, a mobile workstation to suit your needs.

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