Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop Review

Dell Latitude E6320 laptop is considered to be one of those creatively designed ultra-portable laptops. It combines power, durability and style so it is no longer surprising why it continues to win the attention of the public. The Dell E6320 model comes with a solid metal chassis, excellent keyboard and Intel Core i7 processor. The life of its battery can reach a maximum of eight hours so it will be possible for you to use it for long Power Point presentations. This laptop model is available at a price range of $929 – $1,529. This is a bit expensive but you have a hundred percent guarantee that the high-powered configuration of the E6320 model can make you enjoy it for a long time.

The Dell E6320 laptop model can be expected to come with a stylish and rugged design. The lid of this device is made up of a gray brushed anodized aluminum, which is enclosed in a gray magnesium alloy. The lid is connected to the base using hinges that are made up of steel. The base of this laptop model is also made up of plastic. However, you can expect it to be coated with powder in order to protect it from scratches and nicks. The inside of the device is also proven to be appealing with its black matte soft touch finish and rubberized material. The deck of its keyboard is enclosed with slate gray aluminum while being encased in an orange border. This makes the design of the Dell E6320 model to be oozing with aesthetic appeal.

The materials used in the creation of the Dell Latitude E6320 laptop are also proven to be a major help in protecting it from extreme and harsh temperatures, dust, high altitudes and vibration. The LCD protective seal and the spill resistant keyboard that are installed in the laptop also make it easier for you to use it with less worries. The six-cell battery installed in the E6320 model also gives you a hundred percent assurance that the device can strongly endure a maximum of eight hours of use. This period is proven to be longer than the other models so you have a hundred percent guarantee that you stay productive.

The keyboard and touch pad of the Dell E6320 laptop is also proven to be very convenient to use. The device is featured with large responsive concave keys and a palm rest, which is soft to the touch so it is possible for you to have a more pleasurable experience when typing. There is even a great possibility for you to type effortlessly with the least number of errors because the keyboard and touch pad are designed to give you utmost comfort. You can also expect the touch pad to be friction-free and smooth.

Taking into consideration all of the great features installed in the Dell Latitude E6320 laptop, it is safe for you to make an assumption that buying this model is a wise decision. You also have a hundred percent guarantee that the device is durable enough so you can expect it to serve its purpose for a long time.

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