Dell Inspiron 17R Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Dell Inspiron 17R Laptop Review

Laptops nowadays have been designed in a way that they can very well become a replacement to the traditional desktops. Just take the Dell Inspiron 17R laptop as an example. This Dell model has a simple yet elegant design, and features that provide high performance that it may be considered as a replacement for your desktop.

The Dell Inspiron 17R laptop has a minimalist design. It is coated with black paint accented with delicate horizontal lines giving it a classy and graceful look. For those who would like to have color, the shell can be changed, with choices of colors. Inspiron 17R is relatively heavy with a weight of seven pounds which means that it cannot be carried around very often, just enough as a desktop replacement. The Chiclet-style keyboard is full-sized with a soft touch in it. The keypad is nicely separated from the main keys which allow the users to not accidentally hit other keys while typing or gaming. The touch pad is place slightly off-centered with firm buttons.

17R is powered by an Intel Core i5-2410M processor, a 6GB of memory, an awesome 500GB hard drive and an Nvidia GeForce GT 525M GPU. The configuration is good enough to support and handle heavy workloads with spacious memory storage. The Dell Inspiron 17R laptop has a 17.3-inch screen with a high-bit-rate 1080P that plays videos smoothly and will let you see good images. Its gaming frame rates are of average level and competitive enough with other replacement for desktops but not really exceptional.

Port-wise, 17R has three USB ports (two of which are 3.) USB ports and one is a 2.0 USB port), one combination of USB 2.0/eSata port, VGA and HDMI ports are also on board, as well as jacks for headphones and microphones. The model is also supported with the WiDi, which allows the sending of video signals without the use of wires to TV or other external viewing devices. Speaking of signals, the Dell Inspiron 17R laptop is armed with an 802.11n (single-band) WiFi connection, gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth connection. It is installed with My WiFi software that makes it into a mobile hotspot. Other special features included are internal DVD burner and an SD card reader slot. Another advantage of 17R over the other desktop replacements is its battery life. Most laptops and notebooks last for about one and a half hour to two hours. The battery life of Inspiron 17R can last up to three hours and thirty minutes which is quite longer than the other models. This will not limit you from working in your comfortable areas like the couch, bed, etc.

The Dell Inspiron 17R laptop is packed with the usual software and features. It may also look very simple compared to the other models which are also said to be desktop replacements. But looks can be deceiving. This simple yet elegant machine will never fail you when it comes to its performance. Aside from its looks and performance, it is also relatively affordable with a price range of $800 to $900.

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