Dell 5230dn Laser Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Dell 5230dn Laser Printer Review

Whenever we thing of Dell it usually connotes the office since like IBM, Dell has been in the business of selling office equipment for most of its corporate life, and we now give the Dell 5230dn Laser Printer Review to see if this printer does make a difference in how value is derived from any office tool.

The 5230DN is a monochromatic printer, meaning it only prints in black. You might say that in today’s corporate society, color is everything and this extends to the printers. There are areas where colors are an absolute requirement, and then there are areas where we can go without color. The sole reason for opting not include color in a printer is that color takes lot of processing power to mix correctly and money just to print it out. Also remember that all the colors that you see are just a mix of three basic colors and it is these three colors that are used in most color printers that you see.

Now, without color, a laser printer can just print black, or shades of black to represent the approximate shade of that color if you were color blind to all colors except black and white. This is where the Dell 5230dn shines. Since it only has to print in shades of black, the printer does a pretty good job at it. Not to mention it will print up to 7,000 pages per toner, or if you really want to print a lot, up to 21,000 pages for the much bigger one.

The printer also has a 200,000 page monthly duty cycle. This is the amount of pages that you can print in a month, not that you would want to. This means that this printer was designed from the get go to print and print. Normally with a print speed of 23 pages page minute, you normally would expect print quality to suffer, but in the case of the Dell 3330dn Laser Printer Review, it did not turn out that way.

The only thing that might let you think first before buying one of these is the purchase price. This printer is considerably more expensive than other printers of its class. This printer has the usual set of features that allow multiple printing from a variety of sources like usb ports, the Ethernet port, optional serial and parallel ports, empty bays on the printer for use in adding hardware like hard drive for storing fonts and such, and easy to use controls and trays for a lot of paper. The printer has a maximum of 350 sheets from its built in trays but you can purchase extra paper trays to expand the paper storing capacity to as much as 4000 sheets.

Although the price is definitely one of the biggest factors for choosing what equipment an office would buy, specified use and its operating cost figure highly in most business decisions as well. The Dell 5230dn Laser Printer Review tells us that if an office needs a printer that is cheap to operate and prints a whole lot of documents using less toner than most printers, the Dell 5230dn is a winner in the office.

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