Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer Review

Dell is an established name when it comes to computers and computer accessories. With that said, it is no surprise that they have also entered the business of producing fine printers. In fact, they also have heavy duty printers that are ready for business applications. One of their products that is well suited for business is the Dell 5130 cdn printer. For your information, we are going to do a Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer review to determine if this printer is exactly right for you.

Before proceeding to the actual review, we would first detail the different specifications that the Dell 5130cdn has. For starters, this machine is exclusively designed to be a printer. No fax, no scanner, just a super fast printer that can print out documents by the thousands. And boy, these printers can really print. Because according to Dell, this is the world’s fastest single letter format color laser printer. Just how fast can it print? Its maximum recorded printing speed is listed at 47 pages per minute for both monochrome and color pages. Combined with this is a powerful 800MHz processor with a 256MB RAM. But if you think quickness is all that it offers to the table then you are in for a surprise. This product also boasts high quality prints thanks to a printing resolution of 1200×1200 dots per inch. And as for the reliability part, this printer is made to last. Constructed with only the highest quality equipment, it is ready to take heavy loads and still bring out high quality prints every single time. In fact, according to Dell, this printer’s maximum monthly duty cycle is around 110000 pages, a high rate in any sense of the word if you’ll ask me.

Now that we have the raw statistics sorted out, it is now time to head to the meat of this Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer review. It is a fact that this printer is quite expensive (these printers are sold between the 1500 to 2500 dollar range). But if you’ll get this printer, you are going to get your money’s worth because of its low cost of printing per page. On actual usage however, the printing speed for text goes down from 47ppm to 25ppm. That’s almost a 50% drop from the classified speed but it is still enough to make it faster than just about any printer out there. Even better is that most of its parts are upgradeable. The 256MB RAM can be upgraded to house a 1GB RAM instead, and the trays that hold a thousand pages of paper can be equipped in this printer too. The downside of these upgrades is that they are quite expensive. Parts for these printers are quite expensive, and your wallet just might cry in pain because of it.

With all things considered, how am I going to finish this Dell 5130cdn Color Laser Printer review? It’s no secret that this product is made of the highest quality, with premium level quickness and quality. But the expenses just might turn you off. If you have money to burn and speed is one quality that you absolutely need, then go ahead and buy this product.

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