Dell 3330dn Laser Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Dell 3330dn Laser Printer Review

The Dell 3330dn Laser Printer Review is about making sure that the equipment you buy is perfect for you needs. Dell has always been making office equipment for as long everyone else have, and with the latest iteration of their models, Dell is pushing forward with making the most of office productivity.

The same holds true with the Dell 3330dn Laser Printer Review that was done. This particular printer is a monochrome printer and was designed primarily to maximize profits and this holds true for the way it was built plus how fast and how cheap it prints each page. This printer printed an average of 24 ppm or pages per minute for text and almost 8 ppm for graphics, printed in greyscale. The printer also has an 80,000 monthly duty cycle and this gives us an idea that this printer was designed for a small to medium sized office, or at least a division with that office.

The biggest asset of this printer is its toner capacity. The usual toner cartridge has an estimated 7,000 page capability and you have the option of using a much bigger capacity toner, with an estimated 14,000 page capacity.

It is good that the printer offers that much printing capacity if it was not for its limited paper handling trays. While it is true that the printer has upgradeable paper trays, it would have been nicer if the expanded trays were built in to the design since most of the time, the printer would be in the office printing out forms and reports and such. But it is better that Dell offers an expanded paper tray for a total of 800 sheets, including the onboard 250 sheet tray.

Regardless of whether the printer is fast or the toner prints a ton of paper for each cartridge, it is the overall costs that decide whether a printer is worthy to be used in an office or not. This printer is not inexpensive but the price that you pay for each print that is done and the how long each toner cartridge lasts makes this printer fit for use in a small busy office, if was not for its limited paper handling capabilities.

True that the printer can be expanded with a host of add on hardware and it has used ports, Ethernet ports, expandable ports using legacy connections that are optional and expandable RAM for more prints and more connections to the office network, and more importantly the number of equipment that you can connect to this printer makes this printer a good buy for your office.

The printer also has an automatic double sided printing option that is built in and this makes for nice addition to its features. Yes, we know that as compared with other printers in its class, the Dell 3330dn Laser Printer Review we did revealed that it may not get any advantage with that is has, but its greatest asset is its printing capability and cheap printing costs; while the paper tray is quite small, it can be expanded for more printing without reloading.

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