Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Review

We proceed to the Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Review. This is regarded as the little brother printer from the Dell line of monochrome laser printers but do not let the cheap price tag fool you, it packs more punch than more expensive printers from other brands.

This printer features the usual array of ports that you can install to get as many devices connected to it as possible, from usb ports to ethernet ports and even parallel ports for those devices that need legacy connections. The printer also offers a 60,000 monthly duty cycle and uses a separate toner and drum combination and the toner lasts for 2000 pages. You have an option for using a much bigger toner that lasts for 6000 pages and the drum lasts for an estimated 30,000 pages and retails for $35 for a replacement drum.

This printer actually zips through printing for all but graphics content, as its almost 23 ppm rate outperformed all the other printer in its class. The graphics print, however slowed down to around 4 ppm if you really have a lot graphics on the page that you are printing.

In the Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Review, there is really nothing that can be found to lower its value, even the paper trays are adequate for a small office space. While being expandable, you would still need to purchase the optional 550 sheet tray for $100 while the standard paper tray has a 250 sheet capacity.

You can also purchase extra memory to expand its onboard 32MB with either 128MB or even 256MB DDR1 ram that you can purchase from Dell. An expanded ram allows the printer to take more pages from the computer for processing without having to stop. This means printing time is reduced since more pages are processed within the printer itself.

For a small office where there is the need for a lot of printing to be done and at the same time, the requirements for printing are basic enough that you do not have to use a color laser printer, the Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Review that was done shows that an inexpensive printer need not have to compromise anything, especially with due regards to its printing speed, print quality and operating costs.

This printer shows that even if this is price way lower than most printers in its class, the combination of the price of the unit, very cheap printing costs, high capacity toners and very fast printing plus a built in double sided printing capability enables the Dell 2350dn Laser Printer to compare itself with much more expensive printers.

The only thing that may not have gone our way is the fact that there is absolutely no signs or stickers or quick view instructions on the printer itself to allow for the removal of the toner and/or the drum. It would have been better if there was at least arrows that point to where you should be pressing or signs where you hand should go so or what you need to do to remove the toner for replacement.

Other than that, the Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Review that we did made it to the tops of its class in the small office environment.

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