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CCleaner is a freeware tool launched by Piriform in 2004. CCleaner is a system optimization, cleaning and privacy tool for Windows. It allows users to remove unused files from their computer, which makes your system operate faster and provide more valuable hard disk space. Aside from that, it can also remove traces of your online activities, specifically your Internet history.

Now, the CCleaner is the 2nd most popular diagnostic software nowadays. Imagine it is given for free and will cost only a minute part of your hard disk space: the installation only takes up 2.87 megabytes.

CCleaner is also available in the languages of English, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Kurdish, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Brazilian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian etc,. This means no matter what country you belong to, you can easily understand how to use this software.

For those who are not familiar with this program, it will clean tracks from programs, purge deleted files from your recycle bin, remove temporary files and clean your Registry – quickly scanning for invalid entries before deleting them. CCleaner will also back up your Registry before you hit delete, in case it accidentally removes a crucial component. There’s also a basic uninstaller useful for safely removing any program on your system.

From time to time, Piriform launches a new version of CCleaner, which is more enhanced and added with more tools for the benefits of the consumers.

The latest version of CCleaner is CCleaner 3.03.1366. It has two new major features that ensures you won’t get disappointed using it. Compared to the older versions, CCleaner 3 already have drive wiping tool that wipes the free space of a drive, or the entire drive itself but also scrub only all the unoccupied space. Aside from that, CCleaner also added more option to pre-existing features. You can now choose what specific cookies from your browser will be deleted or will be kept by the CCleaner. Version 3 improved the internal scanning engine that powers CCleaner, and the GUI itself received some minor improvements and tweaks. The CCleaner version 3 includes a new 64bit installer for systems that support it.

Version three supports even more programs compared to the old version. Including additional support for AVG 2011, Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage, Audacity, Bittorent, LogMeln Hamachi, and windows game explorer. Pre-existing support has been enhanced for Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Many consumers agree that CCleaner is a very excellent product not just because it is free but also because it is safe and easy to use. It also effectively speed up computer, even the older computers. Many consumers can’t think of any disadvantages of this product but I’m not saying that this is perfect. CCleaner cannot work with Norton full time so you must download fast cut Norton of and not go for it. Other consumers also complain that CCleaner wipes out all passwords, but for those who didn’t know, CCleaner have settings in which you can choose what specifically it will remove.

Download latest version from CCleaner Homepage.

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