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Fixing No Sound Problem on Youtube HTML5 Videos

20. July 2014

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This problem happens on Google Chrome when your audio setting is selected as “5.1” on your Control Panel -> Sound settings. This problem can be fixed changing your audio setting from “5.1” to “Stereo”. Instead of changing your audio settings, you can basicly run chrome.exe with –try-supported-channel-layouts command line, like below: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –try-supported-channel-layouts

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Password Security

4. February 2012

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People have a lot of online accounts. If you are anything like me, you will forget the majority of your passwords a week after you have placed them, and have to go through that tedious process of requesting an email notification to change it.
The one thing we shouldn’t do, whether we use our Apple Mac or O2 – Samsung Galaxy, is use the same password over and over. However this is a difficult feat […]

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How to Install WordPress on your Computer In 5 Minutes

11. January 2012

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Blogging and creating your own website is one way you can reach people all over the world and impart knowledge on just about everything to them. This is also a way you can promote your business by providing a website that all people can access. There are many web hosts and blog hosts you can find out there but among the equally popular one is WordPress. Many people […]

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Toner Cartridge

25. December 2011

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Printers nowadays are equally important as the computer or laptop itself. In today’s modern world, we often find ourselves needing to print something from school paper, to work, to files and document, to posters and print ad, to just about anything. Buying your own printer nowadays is far more practical than constantly going to computer or printer shops to have your work printed. Aside from costing you […]

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What are tablet computers?

25. December 2011

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Technology nowadays has taken our lifestyle and communication to a new level. There has been a lot of new technology always coming out and bring us innovation to make our lives easier. Computers have evolved from being super gigantic to personal computers to laptops and now, the new generation of computer has arrived. It is even more handy and portable and you can carry anywhere you go – the tablet […]

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How Do I Extend My Laptop’s Battery Life?

24. December 2011

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Read this article entitled “How do I extend my laptop’s battery life?” in order for you to know the possible solutions to your problem. You may find yourself stuck in a long wait in the lobby and the only thing that could save you from absolute boredom is by burying your face in front of the screens of your laptops – while trying to avoid the awkward chit chats with other strangers. For many people, this is the ultimate […]

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Twitter ManageFlitter Service

22. November 2011

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The website Twitter is defined as a social media dashboard, wherein people can immediately say something or best known as a ‘tweet’. People can also follow people and organizations to know the latest happenings. Most journalists or prominent persons use this service to tell something like the latest news on-the-dot and is currently happening. Aside from people getting to follow you as a user, people also can follow and won’t return a […]

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What is RAID?

3. March 2011

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If you are in the computing business where the data security and availability are crucial at all times, chances are you might have already encountered or even worked with RAID. What is RAID? It is not a living thing but it is has become quite popular and seriously vital in many organizations with multiple users across different locations or even home users accessing multiple pictures at a time. RAID is an […]

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