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How Do I Extend My Laptop’s Battery Life?

24. December 2011

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Read this article entitled “How do I extend my laptop’s battery life?” in order for you to know the possible solutions to your problem. You may find yourself stuck in a long wait in the lobby and the only thing that could save you from absolute boredom is by burying your face in front of the screens of your laptops – while trying to avoid the awkward chit chats with other strangers. For many people, this is the ultimate […]

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Twitter ManageFlitter Service

22. November 2011

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The website Twitter is defined as a social media dashboard, wherein people can immediately say something or best known as a ‘tweet’. People can also follow people and organizations to know the latest happenings. Most journalists or prominent persons use this service to tell something like the latest news on-the-dot and is currently happening. Aside from people getting to follow you as a user, people also can follow and won’t return a […]

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ScreenHunter v4.0

22. November 2011

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There are many ways to have your own computer screen captured. Traditionally, the keyboard has a button called ‘Print Screen Sys Req’, wherein this certain computer user will use this button to set a command to print what is on the current screen, then copy and paste to an image editing program like Microsoft Paint, then save the pasted image as .JPEG (Joint Photographic Exchange Graphic) or any other image formats. Nowadays, this type […]

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SimpLite MSN Encryption

22. November 2011

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If other people can have access to all your chat messages, won’t you feel betrayed and worse humiliated by whatever secrets that can be revealed inadvertently? It is a good thing that there is SimpLite MSN Software that protects you and your messages securely over the net by encrypting before your messages get sent to the wide world of the internet. It makes use of algorithm to convert unencrypted messages to encrypted versions without a […]

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Acer AS5742Z-4685 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

22. November 2011

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The Acer AS5742Z-4685 15.6-Inch Laptop is one of the Acer laptops that is currently being sold in the market today. It comes with a host of features that makes the item attractive for the home user starting with its 15.6 inch screen which is bigger than the standard size. This type of screen is ideal for move watching, game playing or simply surfing the internet. Other Acer AS5742Z-4685 15.6-Inch Laptop review […]

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7. March 2011

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With the rapid development on internet technology comes the exponential growth of materials, information, videos, applications, and a lot of tools and resources that are downloadable from the World Wide Web. As many files there are on the net that you want to acquire and download, chances are you will have as many false links and miss hits as you search for the correct download links and sites. The solution to these big turn-offs and many other downloading […]

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VMware Workstation

6. March 2011

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There are many Operating Systems right now. In many businesses, Operating systems help in making the office more productive. Furthermore, some organizations use ‘virtual machines’ to render other software and compatibility issues. To attain the main goal of a business, the use of multiple operating systems is done. But this must be achieved without compromising the current operating system, which […]

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Acronis True Image Home 2011

5. March 2011

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Disaster can strike anytime. It always pays to save and back-up data regularly and failing to do so will not only cost huge amount of effort lost but your work will surely have you pay for it. This task can be quite a pain in the neck as it always eats so much time. Fortunately, I encountered and test the Acronis True Image Home 2011 and it dissolved a lot of my issues in data […]

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