Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer Review

If you are looking for a printer that is laden with a lot of features, then the Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer will definitely be an excellent choice.

As a business executive, perhaps you already very well know about the importance of investing in the right equipment for your office. This is mainly because having great machines and equipment in your office is a crucial factor for the organization and efficiency of production and operation of your business. And one of the most important and staple piece of equipment even in a small business or work group is a printer.

But with today’s technology, the functions of several equipment and devices can now be rolled into one multifunctional machine. And that is exactly what Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer is all about. If you read even a single Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer review, you will find out how useful and efficient this machine actually is.

Essentially, it is a color laser printer which also functions as a copier, scanner and faxing machine. As such, it will definitely be of great help to you. You will not only save space in your office; you will also save money. Imagine, you will have the functions of four machines at the price of one. More than that, there are still a lot to love about this printer.

One of which is the fact that it can print at fast speeds. As a matter of fact, it is capable of printing up to 30 pages per minute. As you may know, this is very much important for an office where there is a constant need to print copies of documents, files and communication. Thus, you need a quick printer that will print out documents in a snap.

Another benefit offered by this printer model is the fact that it is very much easy to use. Again, this is very much important for the fast operation of your business. You need equipment which are easy and fast to operate. Otherwise, your employees will waste their precious time figuring out how to operate a machine rather than attending to their other urgent tasks.

As you will read in a Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer review, this multifunctional printer also comes with an automatic document feeder. It is capable of automatic duplexing as well. So if you need to print on both sides of a document, that can be achieved in no time.

This machine is also fully equipped with features for connectivity. It has USB ports as well as wireless functions. So you can directly check your email here. You will also love its USB Direct Print and Scan feature.

But despite all of these benefits, this machine also has its downsides as you will read in a Brother MFC-9970CDW Printer review. One of which is the quality of its colored prints as well as its scans. According to users themselves, the scanned output of this machine tends to be dark. On the other hand, the quality of the graphics and photo print outs are actually below par for its generation.

Other users also find this machine to be bulky and heavy. Still, there are also users who find this equipment to be a bit expensive.

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