Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer Review

If you are looking for a printer that is capable of a lot of functions, then you will definitely love the Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer.

As a business executive, perhaps you are already very much aware of the importance of having good equipment in your office. In fact, they are crucial for the organization and efficient operation of your business. That is basically why you need to invest in the best equipment there is. One of which is the Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer.

As you will ready in a Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer review, this machine is essentially a multifunction printer. Not only does it print monochrome and colored documents; it is also fully equipped with features that let it function as a copier, scanner and faxing machine as well. And this, among other reasons, is why this machine is a good investment.

Imagine, you will have the functions of four essential equipment in an office at the price of one. Thus, you will be able to save a lot of money. More so, you will be able to save up on space. But more than that, this multi-function printer still has a lot of features that you will definitely love. Here are some of them for starters.

For one, this machine is actually a fast printer. As a matter of fact, it can print as much as25 pages per minute. As you will read in any Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer review, this is actually a good rate for multifunctional printers such as this printer model. This is also very much important given the bulk of files, documents and communication that have to be printed out for the office. So if you have a fast printer like this model, the productivity of your business will be sped up.

The paper handling of this machine is also another good feature that a lot of users love about it. For instance, it comes with an automatic duplexing capacity. This essentially means that you can print and scan documents in both sides. And unlike in other machines, the machine will do it automatically for you so there is no need for manual labor.

More so, this machine also comes with an output tray with a capacity for 150 sheets, a main input tray capable of holding 250 sheets, a multipurpose tray for 50 sheets and an automatic document feeder with a capacity for 35 sheets.

Lastly, this multifunction printer also comes with various connectivity options. As a matter of fact, it is Wi-Fi ready and has USB ports for setting up a network.

But in spite of all these benefits, this machine also has its downsides.

One of the common downsides that you will read in a Brother MFC-9560CDW Printer review is the fact that its colored and scanned outputs are not really very good. While this is a common problem for multi-functional printers, it is still rather disappointing.

As a matter of fact, users themselves say that the quality of the graphics and photo print outs are below par for its generation. More so, the scanned copies of colored documents appear to be dark.

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