Bookeen Cybook Orizon E-Book Reader Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Bookeen Cybook Orizon E-Book Reader Review

Bookeen is one of those companies that specialize in electronic readers, so people have lofty expectations on their products. The question is, does the French e-reader manufacturer deliver with its Bookeen Cybook Orizon? The company boasts of the Orizon as the thinnest e-book reader in the world. Included in the device is a multi touch screen measuring 6 inches, Bluetooth, microUSB and WiFi connection to connect to an online library and the ability to support a good number of e-book formats. For a higher cost compared to the leading e-readers like the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and even Sony Reader, how does the Orizon compare in terms of performance, among others? The answers are in this Bookeen Cybook Orizon E-Book Reader review.

The packaging of the Cybook Orizon is sleek, in black or white. Unlike other e-readers, the Orizon does not have a protective cover, so the user has to buy a separate one if he or she wants to have one. Once the user finally gets a hold of the unit, the company’s claims of having the thinnest e-reader is felt, with its 7.6 mm line, 235 gram weight and two-toned coloring: the unit is black in front and a shiny white at the back. The other option is a white front and black back. The e-reader is made of durable plastic material, but the finishing is well-made to the point that it doesn’t look as flimsy as other readers that are made of the same material.

The built-in memory of the Bookeen Cybook Orizon is 2 GB, which is not a lot considering the norm in leading e-readers is 16 GB. But the memory can be extended up to 8 GB with a MicroSD card.

As for the screen, the e-books appear crisp and clear, thanks to its sixteen level capacity and anti-reflective coating. While it is capable, there is still a difference between the screen’s clarity and those with E-Ink technology, like the Sony Reader and Kindle’s. The whiteness of the pages is not as clear compared to the mentioned e-readers. Although not exactly a deal breaker, there is a noticeable difference, at least for the discriminating e-book reader. But then, the Orizon compensates by having a night mode, which makes the letters become white and the background black. The multipoint touch screen, according to a majority of Bookeen Cybook Orizon E-Book Reader reviews, is responsive, with page turning not that fast but is up to par with what is expected from a screen with this kind of technology. There is only one button that works together with the touch instructions. There is no Home button, as access to the homepage can be done through the general menu.

Tapping the screen’s bottom right side opens a window opens where the user can access the page he or she is looking for. Doing the same thing on screen’s top allows for chapter access. The font size can be changed with 12 options available and underlining and annotating text is possible. Pinch-zooming (using the index finger and thumb) can be done in the Orizon.

In summary, this Bookeen Cybook Orizon E-Book Reader review commends the Orizon’s sleek design, the ability for users to organize their library, WiFi connectivity and ease of use. Each unit also has 150 pre-loaded books. However, some points that could be improved include the screen contrast between the background and text, which the E-Ink readers have mastered and the absence of 3G, direct home button and protective covering.

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