Bookeen Cybook Opus E-Book Reader Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Bookeen Cybook Opus E-Book Reader Review

Digital books have been an ongoing trend ever since it was invented. It makes reading more portable and handy as it allows you to ready anytime, anywhere so long as you have your computer with you. A collection of different digital books is like your digital library that allows you to easily search for books that you want to read just by typing in the search bar. Also, you need not worry about losing your book as you can easily store your digital books on your hard drive, USB or CD. Digital books may be very handy, carrying your laptop around with you all the time is not. Some laptops are often too heavy with all the other things that come with it. The portable qualities of digital books have made eBook publishing a popular alternative to standard hardcopy books. During vacations, you may need to bring your books with you but you don’t need a laptop and there are now smaller and lighter gadgets you can bring with you. There are ebook readers you can buy that are super lightweight but with limited features as well as it only allow you to browse and read your ebooks and nothing more. The bookeen cybook opus ebook reader is among the many brands that allow you to read your ebooks anytime, anywhere.

The bookeen cybook opus ebook reader has all the features you need for easy reading, viewing and compilation of your ebooks. People were really pleased with this newer version especially in its design aesthetics. It provides a more stylish design with sleeker curves and a light two-tone color scheme that looks very elegant and classy. Despite it being ultra lightweight, the material doesn’t feel cheap and is very sturdy and durable to survive for years to come. It has responsive buttons and stiff case that protects it against harmful shocks and dirt. It has a small screen of only 5 inches wide but the built-in accelerometer makes up for it allowing you to view your ebooks in landscape mode for easier viewing with just a flip. You can also easily zoom in and out of the text depending on how big you want your font to be when reading but it doesn’t allow text reflow. The built-in accelerometer is what many people loved about this product. You can change views depending on how you prefer to read with just a flip.And the best part of it is that the controls also change as you flip the device. Indeed, this ebook reader is so handy and easy to use, perfect for your ebook reading pleasure.

Despite the many good reviews this gadget has, there are also some points that people find the company could improve on. First of all is the price. For a single function device its rice of over $200 is too much for most people. Another thing people find uneasy is that there is no dictionary or annotation feature it has for those unfathomable words.

Overall, many people loved the bookeen cybook opus ebook reader to suffice their ebook reading cravings. Although some parts could be improved, generally this device is handy for all your ebook reading pleasures.

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